Firewood, Snow, Mud, Walks, The Week That Was

November 15, 2020  •  1 Comment

Am feeling a little more human every day so this week I did get some things done.  Not as much as I want but I've decided that I'm going to honor what my body is telling me and if it says to rest I will.    Still dogs want to be fed and house needs to be picked up and well, work (yuck).   Priority now is to destress and yes, ye ol blood pressure cuff came and NO I do not have consistently high blood pressure which the PA was all over when I went in to the doctor 2 weeks ago (duh  I was in pain, freaked out about having been in the ER anda).   So good news on that front.  My week this week will be work with  my holistic folks on getting back on track.    Since I heard ZIP from the doctors office on any of all the tests they took (yeah I'm less than impressed).  Enough complaining.

I got a lovely box of parrot toy parts and started on some new hanging toys for Iago after depositing the last of her purchased toys in her cage a few weeks ago.   

Then since it got cold (yup we ran the wood stove all week)  I also decided it was time to fix the holes in my beloved slippers.   It isn't my best work but it is strong and that is what was needed.  No more toes poking out the front.

The wood deliver was all split and stacked.   I did it in spurts which is how I always manage it.  I go out and do a few hours then come go back out when I feel like it.   There were some seriously hefty pieces that I actually split into 6 or 8 stove size parts.   

It was also a good chance to let the dogs out to play in the snow.  Epic was so absolutely thrilled with the snow last weekend.    He does the same thing with balls and sticks in the snow he does in the grass and keeps himself occupied for a long time.   Sterling was out for a bit but his goal outside anymore is just to ingest as much wildlife poop as possible so his time out is limited. 

Josie was out 2 different days and in trouble both times for running off and not coming when called.   That girl is a mighty hunter and she gets on rabbit trails or deer trails and doesn't pay attention to where she is.   Here she  was wabbit hunting as we have a cottontail living behind the stuff up against the wall and she KNEW it was/had been in there!

There were some really cool colors in some of the split wood - in fact I think this was almost  the last log I split.   Amazing and boy does it ever smell piney now in the carport. 

Part of my new improved (I'm over being tired and sick) is to get my butt back out to walk.  Every day.  Right now just down the road and back but I generally feel so much better after that I gotta go.   Josie and Epic are normally my walking buddies but Sterling went one day.  He always WANTS to go but then by the time we are 1/3 of the way done he is over it.    The ones on leash are the ones that don't want to come when called.

I think Oliver should have been named "sun spot".  He's apparently going to be my replacement sun worshiper (Elliott was all about that).    Kinda keeping an eye on him though as I was sitting in my chair one night and he was out on the floor walking around in a circle, not like on purpose, and when I called him to me he couldn't come straight to me.   I see him with weird quivers in his legs quite often but that was new so I'm a bit concerned.    

The past 2 days we've had horrendous winds so we have been waiting to walk till sunset to go (as the wind usually dies down then).   The light was sure pretty.    See Epic with his stick?   

Really long shadows for like 4:30!   Boooooo.

Almost home!   This really didn't capture the pretty colors in the sky but hey I got a dog!

That pretty much shoots it for the week past.   Oh and Far Side gets a honorable mention - I bing watched Queens Gambit  on Netflix - I don't know chess either but it was pretty darned good.   Thanks everyone for the well wishes and well, I'm getting well-er (I know not a word).   


Far Side(non-registered)
Hope you are feeling better soon! Yes I liked that Series...and no I am watching Norseman and laughing my butt off:)
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