Quick Week In Review

November 21, 2020  •  3 Comments

It was a pretty non-eventful week here and ya know, that's just okay.   Work and rest and well, rinse and repeat pretty much.

I was able to get out and walk every day although a couple days it required getting out as early as we could to try to avoid the mud.   At least with the snowy roads I can put on my micro spikes and walk, mud not so much and some of that stuff is slippery!

The  lower you are to the ground the more you collect as is apparent by Josie's harness.   White feet don't help either.   It has been dry most all week so things are drying up quickly and I did manage to do the short loop (rather than my out and back) mid-week.   We left with sunshine  and then returned headed to the clouds of doom - but alas they went around as often they do.

Friday things at work were pretty quiet so I took my lunch hour and got all cocky and  decided to do the long loop (about 3 miles).    While my partners seemed to do just fine it took the stuffing out of me.  My hope is though that I can at least get that in once a  week in my hope to build back my poor beaten, lazy, fat body.   It was pretty nice though to be out enjoying the sunshine.

My partners are the lucky ones as they didn't have to go back to work when we got home - instead both konked out and took naps!

Meanwhile I have started some more cleaning in the spare room.  I have a couple totes of stuff in there that I've not sorted through in years.   In it I  found a stash of cloth handkerchiefs (remember those?).  Some were my grandmothers, some from my Mom and I think a couple I had.  Anyhow, I had seen a Sewing with Nancy show not long ago where they took those (or  doilies) and made table runners with them, so I'm playing with them to see how to get them laid out to do that - then guess I'll dust off the sewing machine.   So many projects and trying to get my ambition back!


Really that pretty much shoots it for the week.   Looking forward to a very short work week next week and extra days to just enjoy being off for Thanksgiving. As usual - no plans for that but honestly, that's fine too.


Far Side(non-registered)
I had to laugh...lazy, fat beaten up body...sounds like mine! I have been trying to walk also...slippery outside here today. Your hankies are beautiful! I am certain you will design something awesome! Happy Thanksgiving! Pet all the furry friends for me!
Ha! I remember all those old hankies, my mom had lots! What to do with them though! I saw a pretty, crisply ironed valance over a small bathroom window made from them that looked quite nice.
I actually use hankies instead of Kleenex when possible. Not the fancy embroidered ones but there are plenty I do use.
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