That 2 Weeks Flew By

November 07, 2020  •  4 Comments

...and here we are in November already.    Yes we survived that snow storm and I am very happy to report my truck is back in the garage where it should be and I am NOT shoveling that stupid driveway again!  To Far Side, you know I've thought about one of those shovels and may just have to consider it.  In fact I think it was one of your blogs that put me on to those!

To my friend who sent me her super secret (haha) recipe for a new version of pumpkin pie - haven't tried it yet but I have the stuff for it!  YUM - maybe for Thanksgiving.

Thought I'd share with you a very pink sunset we had after the last big snow two weeks ago, as the rain/snow starts here again tonight.    We had freaking GLORIOUS weather the last 2 weeks - warm lovely dry weather.   Looks like by the weather man though we are done with that business.   Looks much more like normal November for the next week or so.   Oh well...can't control the weather, just roll with it.

I had all intentions of writing last week but ended up sick and just really haven't done much until the last few days when I was finally feeling human again.   It has been quite the experience going to the doctor during this covid business (as Far Side and Far Guy can attest).   Still waiting for test results but the general thinking is gall bladder nonsense.  Something I had about 9 years ago after a prolonged period of stress.  YUP there is connection.   While waiting for them to figure that out, I am working  on some diet changes for one and will as I did last time look back to Bezt and acupuncture and my chiro to get past it (I  hope).   Luckily my PA I saw said that they no longer jump right to surgery to deal with it (which I wouldn't do last time either).   We shall see, maybe it is something else.   She also said she can't prove or deny that I didn't have some serious viral something or that it isn't something totally different.   In the "rule stuff out" stage I  guess.  Nuff of that crap.

Meanwhile my wood was delivered and I've felt at least human enough to get out there and start splitting and stacking it.   It is good mindless physical stuff that oddly enough, makes things feel better.  I just don't over do it.    It is also another stress reliever to have it here  and don't have to worry about that (and we'll be firing that up tomorrow).

I got the spare room cleaned up and look at this cactus - which has been the most amazing one I've every had.  It'll generally bloom off and on now thru spring.

Oh and remember by Hobby Lobby walk about?   I could NOT resist this guy who now watches over me while I work.  He's kinda rolling his eyes too which is what I do a LOT while working.

 The poodles (and the two baby brats) spent some good outside time today while I split wood this morning till Josie decided that the neighbor's shed was too interesting to pass up.  Then it was down to the poodles and me.    They look like I feel a lot here.

Amazing what sunshine does for our souls!    

I have even managed to dig back out my dulcimers.   I decided first to get back to trying some work with my mountain dulcimers  -  I have a book that teaches how to play chords with fingers but honestly, I just seem to drop back to my drone.   At least for now.   The hammered dulcimer is also back out/up and I really hope this winter to get back to that and STICK WITH IT!   I am so out of practice with all of these and we just need more music in our house!

We shall see.  My "stick with-it-edness" has been just plain CRAP for the past few years.  I honestly am not at all sure  why either.  Something I guess I need to figure out so I can work out why.   I'm gonna say lazy, focus, scatter.....don't know.    Hoping that the cozy of winter will help me get out of that mode.    

Hope you all are well, loving getting comments and hearing from friends as always!   Now I'm gonna drop this puppy and go catch up with my blogging friends while I pretend it isn't snowing out!  HA!



Linda W(non-registered)
Lovely sunset! Sorry about your illness. Doctors are frustrating sometimes. As one of my friends put it: they "practice" medicine! (emphasis on practice!)
Diane Bohlen(non-registered)
That sunset is fabulous and so too are the doggies.
Far Side(non-registered)
That is a beautiful sunset! Oh those poor boys...they look so wistful!
I love my power shovel. I have used it twice already it saves my shoulders from the lift and throw!
Gall Bladders can be awful...before mine was taken out I was down to eating mints...altoids in the tin really really helped...7 up and crackers. That is it anything else ripped me up. (I was thin then!) It is no fun...I felt so much better after the surgery. ...and it was laproscopic one day surgery and then a week of resting.
Sending good thoughts your way! :)
I love the blooms on your cactus! I have one in Beluga and it blooms on it's own schedule. No matter what I do, where I put it (sun, not sun) water or not water, it blooms at different times of year, seemingly whenever it feels like it. Right now, it's showing me it's pretty pink side!
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