Weekend "GetAway"

November 25, 2020  •  2 Comments

Well we didn't get away very far but honestly, the weather was supposed to be fairly decent and I was really feeling the desire to go get out in nature so my Adventure Buddy came  in and we took 4 of the dogs and headed out to walk somewhere.   Colors on (it is still hunting season) we went down to one of our favorite spots at the lake to walk.   It was really lovely and I even hauled the big heavy camera along and we walked for a couple hours!   So here's some photos to share with you.  Next time we will likely leave Sterling  home (this really is NOT his thing) and Oliver only goes if we have shoes for him (his poor naked paws got pretty cold even though his coat was keeping  him warm).    Oliver really isn't that impressed with the "hiking  adventure" stuff either though to be honest.

Epic's auntie found his this really cool stick.  I think it was about stick #17 as he kept leaving them places but the sentiment is still a bonus!

The required group photo - for which they actually cooperated more than usual!

Their auntie even obliged us with a photo (and the "outtake")!

These two had their noses in SOMEthing gross I am sure.

This photo was our "what do you see"?   shot.  Leave your visions in the comments!

After our long walk we went looking for a place to have lunch (picnic) out of the cold wind which we walked into the whole  way back to the truck.   Our first choice had some guy sitting there with his rifle and binoculars looking for deer.  On to one of the campgrounds where hunting isn't allowed and we found a lovely spot to have lunch and wander around a bit more before heading  home.

Let's be clear it is the END OF NOVEMBER but this dog cannot stay out of the water.   He was so upset (whiney) that we wouldn't throw sticks in the water for him to swim but it freaking is too cold.    Notice the other adventurer off to the right?

It was a lovely time to be sure and back early enough (remember it is getting dark by 5 now) for my Adventure Buddy to get her in town errands run.    A nice de-stressing walk (and visit) to be sure!


Far Side(non-registered)
Good for you to get out and about! I saw an elf at the left end of the piece of wood...mouth and eyes and a whole big head! :) Happy Thanksgiving a day late!
so wonderful to get out in the fresh air (albeit COLD fresh air) and just let the dogs wander. Good for the soul. Great photos!
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