Cold Again

December 13, 2020  •  3 Comments

Well we lost our nice warm days come Friday although I'm going to say is still  really mild - in the low 30s during the day and that isn't bad.  We've lost some of our "sunny days" though so the Happy light is in full use right now!  

I really don't feel like I have a ton of interesting news really.  The week at work was a short one as I had one more day off I had to use before year end (not going to just  give it back to them).   It was wonderful to have Friday off I have to say!  My immediate boss has quite - taken another job which SUCKS for us, great for him.   I really liked him once we got our juju going but that only lasted a year.   Head down and keep doing my thing and make sure  I'm keeping MY stress under control.  That's all I can do.

I also took the initiative (with a recommendation from a trusted friend) to get some nutritional coaching next year.  So I did a consult with them, really liked what they said and I like even more that it is  totally geared towards healing your body and I liked the basis of their coaching program.  So we shall see.  I'm tired of being tired and feeling like my poor boday is fighting a war all the time.  Hey, I'll admit it, my eating habits have pretty much sucked all my life but I'm also not going to go to someone that thinks everyone is the same and whose program is based on "do this, do that" and everyone does the same thing.  That's called a diet and I know they don't work.   Wish me luck!

My walking continues and honestly I'm seeing some progress in that my 2.5 mile walk loop isn't ALWAYS  feeling like I'm slogging it which is good.  I'm going to miles not time simply because I have never been of the mode of faster is better, just want to enjoy it and I really do!    This popped up in the  decorations down in the subdivision and honestly it made my heart SO happy to see.  Sorry it is a bit blurry but the phone doesn't zoom that  great and I didn't want to go trotting up their driveway!   You may not be able to see but they have the scotties putting the lights on the tree.

My day off had a bonus in the arrival of a friend of mine who came into town to spend the night and do some crafting stuff (got her hooked on dotting rocks), dinner and then Saturday morning we loaded up and went to the lake to rock hound.   Both of us came back with a bag of paintable rocks even though we had to deal with digging beneath the snow to find them.     Yes the crazy poodle went with as did the the little adventurer (but she got cold feet pretty quickly and she is going to stay home now till we get her RECALL firmed up as her nose seems to come first, Mom's calling come is second!

Guess which shoes I was wearing?

It was actually much nicer out than it looked and the sun always makes it feel warmer than you think it is.  I was just glad the wind wasn't blowing!

Today I have a puzzle laid out to start as I'm needing a break from the rock painting (and have a bunch that need to be varnished).   Nice quiet afternoon with the fire going and everyone right now is konked out  for their afternoon nap!



Sticks and stones seems to be the theme today :-)
Far Side(non-registered)
Looks cold and snowy there. WE got snow yesterday. Cute Scotties helping with the tree. I hope your nutrition coach can help you...somedays I feel like a slog too....and we eat balanced diets...mostly...but I could/should lose some weight:(
Diane Bohlen(non-registered)
It looks cold but pretty. Doing a puzzle in front of a fire sounds cozy.
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