Counting Down to Christmas

December 20, 2020  •  1 Comment

And after this past week I can tell you all I am incredibly happy that I only have 4 days of work for the next two weeks!   Utter chaos I tell you.

We had snow early in the week (honestly I  don't remember what day) but it wasn't much...just enough to have to use the truck to go to town but that's okay, it needed the exercise.   It kind of made it pretty and clean outside again as well.  But it did require more "snow  gear" to get our walks in and it meant Josie  stayed home most all week.  I don't have any booties (or didn't) made for her right now but found a stash for Epic so boots, coat and away we went.   You can see how pretty the snow fell, with no wind - too bad the "no wind" situation didn't last - it's been blowing gale force for 2 days now.

Stick in mouth (and over the week we recovered about 3 others he's dropped before) and we were off.  His lovely coat is actually 20+ years old and belonged to my beloved wheaten terrier Tara back then.  Fits him perfectly and I love it as  it isn't over warm but fleece lined and the top is water repellent.    That day was actually really lovely to walk since not many folks had been out so it wasn't slick.   I did have to wear my spikes one day this week and it was a slog.  They make you walk differently so not the most comfy for longer walks - but oh so much better than falling on my butt!

Here are a few more new snow shots.  I love when we are one of the first ones out and get to see all the critter tracks.  Any thoughts on what they are from? I'm thinking birds and mousies.

Another of the sets of decorations that makes me smile.  Not only because well they are Mickey and Minnie but because each day it seems there is a variety of "inflations issues" so one day Minnie  was  all bent over like she was  picking something up, some  days  the snowman is melted, you just never know.

Yeah zoomed in with the phone so not the most clear by any means especially on a cloudy day.

My puzzle was finished early in the week and sadly with 2 missing pieces  (not my fault) but oh well.  Find that is very often the case with the 1000 piece ones.   I did find out that my table by itself is really not quite large enough for that many pieces.  Sure made the time go fast but also  caused a couple of late bed times.   Super fun to do though but definitely not one I could do without the box top.   Any puzzle purists out there that don't use the pictures off the lid?

We got warm weather mid week and the snow as of now is pretty much gone (will be by tomorrow with 50s predicted - that's  why we have wind).   I discovered though that Epic's fleece boots weren't doing so well as the snow was sticking on the bottoms - just as it would feet so he needed them.   Okay, time to consider buying some ready made booties.   He now has a pair of pure silicone ones (only thing I don't like is they aren't lined) that we have yet to try AND bonus found  some for Josie.  She has more trouble with snow feet and getting cold which is why she was home.  The little itty bitty blue ones there are silicone dipped socks that I think will work fabulous - assuming they stay on her feet.   Have some more ordered - a set for Oliver and another more snow type set for Epic.  The fleece ones I made also don't last long when we are walking every day so the new ones will be a bit more heavy duty.


Tuesday we trudged out again with the 4WD and Teddy went for an over due acupuncture appointment.  This was his third one and the Dr. and I were so thrilled with how well he did.  His first 2 he didn't really tolerate too well, just wouldn't settle this one went fabulous and seems to have done great for him.  He'll go back in January for another.  He just needs something to help him with his very old creaky bones and his hips.    He'll be 16 in a few months.

The week ended in not just work chaos but with no less than 6 dogs throwing up in my house!   I am convinced that I got a bad bag of kibble and it was awful.  Not only were they puking everywhere  but I was up 1/2 Friday night with Sterling as he wasn't throwing up but was really bad with upset tummy.   I'm  happy to report as of today (Sunday) things  seem to be back to normal - or as much  as it can be).   I already had the plans in the work to switch all of them back to raw food (delivery the Saturday after Christmas though) but with this new development I made a screaming run  to  Bozeman yesterday to get a week's worth of raw picked up to get us by.    To say I slept like a stone Saturday night after all that is an understatement.   I  needed some of THIS by the time it was done (a gift from my brother):

Looks like our walk to day is going to be blowy but happy to report we got our first 3 miler in on Friday!   Not sure if I'll suck  it up and go or wait till dusk and go when the wind lets up.  May just plop on the headlamp and go after dark.   Right now I'm off for some coffee and to hang up the first of a load of laundry.   Also hope to get the FitPaws obstacle  course set up in the dog  room - I know this nice weather isn't going to last forever and Josie and Oliver really could use some more brain work.  Mom just needs to get her butt  in gear and work with them!

Epic was less than thrilled carrying my ear muffs but he says to tell everyone to have HAPPY HOLIDAYS no matter what holidays you celebrate this time of year!


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Merry Christmas to you! You have been busy...glad everyone stopped fun for you! Now that candy bar looks good!
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