First Week of December - already

December 06, 2020  •  4 Comments

When they guy on the radio pointed out on Friday there are 3 weeks to Christmas I may have panicked a bit to be honest.   This coming week I MUST get the family gifts in the mail!  YIKES.

All in all though it was a rather quiet and very lovely week.  The weather has been wonderful although dry but the sun is out most days even for the very short time it is allowed!   The wood stove has been going as well, I'm just tired  of listening to the furnace run all night and honestly the heat from the stove is just a nicer heat.   Plus with it being in the 30s during the day it means  I can open some windows and get some fresh air in the house  as well (so the stove doesn't run us out).    

Our walks have been nice and I think I logged just over 11 miles for the week and did take today (Sunday) off as I needed all the daylight hours to groom some dirty hairy dogs finally.   We are getting into a groove I think, the days I do the 2.5 mile loop I take Epic, the days I do the 1.25 mile loop I take Josie (sprinkled in with Oliver when it is warm enough).   Sterling managed the "forced march" for 1.25 miles on time.  He so very much was all about it for oh 1/4 mile then he was so over  it.   

There was even a day or two that the sunshine was just too inviting and the dogs and I had to take a coffee break or two for some outside time.

My cleaning continues and I was thrilled to find a friend who knows a 5 year old little girl that is going to be gifted the big box of Barbie dolls and hand made clothes I had for them.  All mine back in the day.   I believe they are going as Christmas gifts and she took out every piece of clothing and ironed them.   This is just a sample.   Lots of memories in that box for me for sure!   I am just tickled pink that they are going to go to a little girl that will play with them as they should be after sitting in a box on a shelf for the last oh 40+ years.

Saturday night 2 close friends came over to finally do our tapas potluck night that I screwed up back on Halloween.   It was such a lovely evening  to catch up with friends.   I should have taken photos of the entire spread as it was pretty freaking magnificent but here are shots of some of what I cooked up.  I'm definitely doing the sweet potato rounds again (roasted with salt and a touch of maple syrup - but also going to try good honey).   YUM.   The dates stuff with goat cheese and a pecan were also yummy but those suckers were PRICEY so not going on a regular menu.   The Spanish style tomato bean  dip was also very good and the girls loved  it, me not  as much.   We all got a bundle of leftovers (food for today) which was an added bonus.  I knew we'd not be  short on food!

I also got an early gift for myself in the form of a new pair of slippers which arrived this week and I love them!  They have actual real soles (because I will end up outside).

I also got the sealer coat on the first set of painted rocks.  I'm really having fun doing them and it is very meditative and honestly, no pressure - because you know, they are ROCKS!    I think next weekend a trip to find more is going to be in order.

I also started a puzzle but I'll be honest, it was a cheap "combo puzzle" of 4 from TJ Max and the whole thing went into the trash.  The printing on it was so bad and the pieces were so bad that it wasn't going to be any fun to do.   So another one  is out to  work on when I'm ready....that is mucho better quality.    No more "deals", I'll spend some money on decent ones (altho in fairness we got some high quality ones a few years ago from Costco and I think all but one of them had at least one missing piece - also annoying).

So on to December week two.  A short work week for me as I have one more day of time off I have to use  before the  end of the year (and before the  entire rest of  the team is gone for the holidays).   Looking forward to seeing another friend of mine over the weekend and who knows what trouble we'll find.



Lisa windflower(non-registered)
Love your rocks, the best. Great place to find puzzles is thrift stores.
Far Side(non-registered)
Forgot to say I love your rocks!!
Far Side(non-registered)
Oh my goodness what a great collection of Barbie clothing!!! What a great gift for a little girl! I sewed some clothing for my girl's Barbies a long time ago...such tiny things:)
I LOVE the rocks!
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