A late Valentine

February 17, 2020  •  2 Comments

Hope you all had a great week last week and if you got a long weekend this past, that it was full of fun.  I can't say I did much exciting last week but you know, sometimes that happens.  We had fairly warm weather and some sun which was welcome and I am counting down the days of Winter to be sure.  I'm not sure how but my valley is still without snow cover but literallly all places surrounding us have snow.

Notice that Oliver has his OWN methods for getting warm.   I swear that boy has NO personal space and NO respect  for anyone else's.   He is lucky here that Sterling is as easy going as he  is.  The other dogs don't appreciate his nonsense nearly as much and usually tell him so.

Good news though I am now about 1/2 way done with the baby blanket knitting project.   Am really feeling it in my arms though.   Still I think it will be cute.  While my friend is having some difficulties I'm using this as my positive vibes to the Universe that all will turn out well with her and her baby.

This was an evening shot of "abstract poodles"....

My Valentine's Day was spent with a friend as I took the day off and we went and wandered through the "RV Show" at the fairgrounds.  While it wasn't much and only about 90 minutes to go through most  everything, it was mostly indoors and I just like getting in them  to see what is new.   Got to see a 5th wheel with a front (up top) kitchen and a couple really cute and smart small trailers.   Also got me in the mode to find new steps for mine.  I have some on order and we'll see how they work.   My trailer sits 24" from the ground when level and I have ONE step, it is way too much "rise" so I've got a 2 step replacement coming that actually then has feet that make it solid to the ground.   I also got a chance to get into a couple of cab over campers which was something I was considering for "someday".  Like I said, great for ideas and to see the stupid things RV manufacturers still do - while they have figured out (mostly) not to cut off access to bathrooms when the slides are in - they haven't figured out that it is  equally as important to have access to the bed and kitchen sink and fridge.  The other amazingly dumb thing I saw was floor furnace vents literally in the middle of living areas.   All that does  is make a place for "crap" to fall in them.   I know, I have them in my house and hate them (although mine  at least are by walls).   There's my pet peeves from the RV show - haha.

We then went off to lunch and I ran errands.   Nice to be able to do some things on a weekday - like get the topper for my truck ordered!  Super excited to get that off my list.   Now the caveat - I don't know if I will be able to get the truck in the garage once it is on.   Yeah, I know!   I have options for that and I have to have the topper so I can get the dog kennels back in the back and get it covered.   

Oh and my Valentine to me was found at the grocery store.  Don't laugh, but I saw it at checkout it was like 4 bucks and as much as I do NOT buy chatzkies for my house anymore, it did come home with me.

Saturday brought on  poodle grooming.   Bath, blow and cut for Sterling until I started to feel weird, like flue weird sick to my stomach.  I quit at that point and tried to figure out if it was the flu or something I ate or what.   Lots of things can make me sick to my stomach sometimes.   So I ended up postponing Sterling's therapy visit (don't want to risk  germs).  Luckily I can report - not flu, think it was either hormone induced nonsense OR I pulled out my ribs/back bathing  the poodle and it spazzed out.   Took it easy on Sunday but was able to finish his groom and bath/blow/groom Josie.   The black poodle monster is still outstanding and dog nails all around are in the plans as soon as the dremel charges  up.

Oh and to boost my hopes of Spring....I'm trying a new thing....microgreens (yes to eat).   First batch is sprouted and uncovered and should  be ready for their first haircut by the end of the week.  Second batch was started today.  Kinda looking forward to how it turns out and it IS fun to see green things growing right now.

That's pretty muuch all I got folks.  Sterling is rescheduled for this Sunday TDog visit annd I have a dinner date with a friend this week as well as chiro so things to look forward to.  Meanwhile, I will signoff this for now and try to knit a few more rows.   Look forward to some future updates on my RV Pages as well, once the weather warms up!


The Chip had no understanding of 'personal space' either. He would snuggle up to any warm body that would let him. For some reason all our other dogs just let him - like 'oh, he's just special'. :-) How are the microgreens turning out?
Diane Bohlen(non-registered)
The abstract poodle shot is great. those green shoots look yummy.
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