Falling Behind Already

February 24, 2020  •  1 Comment

But to my defense, the weather was so nice last week that I'd rather be outside with the dogs and doing projects than on the computer writing stuff.  Nuff said.   As I mentioned we had some really nice days weather-wise last week (that ended Sunday night) so I got my buns outside as did the dogs.   Some of us managed a number of lunch time walks down the road and back. 

Epic loves the chance to go walk - tail up and he needs the exercise.  What I've found over and over again though is that he does best if he is able to carry something.  Sometimes he finds his OWN something along the route.

Epic had some company a couple days.   Josie is a sniffing nut and honestly it was SO cold (the wind was biting) the day Oliver went that he didn't enjoy it even with his coat on.

You can tell based on the weather you see why the wind was pretty cold!   Still we enjoy the sun when it shines!

I got busy on the weekend while it was sorta warm (50F) to get a few more items ticked off the list with the truck and trailer.  It also meant a chance to load up the truck with all the cardboard and get it to recycle (I think I may order too many things online!).    Once done I was able to sweep and get the Bed Rug put down in the bottom of the back as we wait arrival of my new topper.

I am hoping it will help keep the dog kennels from sliding around - regardless it will be easier on my knees if I have to get in there.  I also got under the trailer and removed the old horrible step and installed new ones.   Of course the instructions were that it should take like 10 minutes - but as all my projects seem to roll - it took 2 hours!   I'm very happy with them and think it will make life easier on my old knees and the old dogs.  Will cover the steps with my trusty yoga mat covers (the dogs slip too easily on the metal) and may have to do a bit behind them so the old dogs that cannot see well dont' fall between the trailer and the first step.  We'll see how that goes.

I also got the wallpapering finished inside and am started on the curtain rod installations I'm doing.   Then it got cold so no more till it warms up.   Still a lot of projects to do before camping season starts!   

Sunday night the wind HOWLED and we had "thunder snow".  It snowed horizontally it was blowing so bad and I was shocked how much thunder and lightening we had!   But Saturday night we had a glorious sunset and I'm going to focus on that not the snow/ice on the ground.




Far Side(non-registered)
Pretty sunset colors! I know what you mean about open back steps...the dogs perceive them as dangerous. I am sure you will find a solution!
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