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February 09, 2020  •  2 Comments

I honestly am still processing that it is 2020 much less that we are already in February.   Time is flying by which is always a bit interesting to me as when I'm making plans for things like vacation - they seem so very far off but then BOOM the day has  arrived.   Staying busy definitely helps and since I had no proof last week that progress IS being made on my knitting, here ya go.    I have 5 more color bands to do and at the rate I'm going figure it is going to take another couple months but honestly I'll be happy if it is done before the baby arrives (and at my current pace of a couple rows a day it will).

It actually is kinda fun and the way it is done  you can't really see all my mistakes.  Okay so *I* can but that doesn't count.   I figured out a long time ago that mistakes are part of things being "handmade".  As long as they aren't huge mistakes.  Fake it till you make it?!  LOL

We had some lovely 40s weather this week and actually are seeing sunshine  which thrills the 4 legged ones.

I pulled one of the big dog beds into the office as that is really the only place that gets rays this time of year.   They are as happy to see sunshine as they are for me to light the fire in the wood stove.

Needless to say that didn't last but I digress.   I did get my buns out with 4 of them on Friday during my lunch break and worked on some agility with 2 and some fun games with 2 out front while it was warm.  The good thing is that then in the evening they look like this.

I had to back up on some agility weave training with Epic.  He just isn't reliable in his weave entries (they  have to enter with the first pole on their left always - no matter what direction they are coming from).   Took that opportunity to back up a bit on Oliver's weaves as well and honestly, he caught on faster than Epic did.   Oh well, always work in progress.  I'm still not sure *I* will be able to run agility so we'll just see how it goes in the meantime.    It was lovely to get outside and enjoy the sunshine.

Saturday morning brought about 1/2" of snow when we got up.  I had grand plans of running errands (needed groceries) so seeing the sunshine first thing, I just paused and decided to wait and see if some of it melted off (since it rained prior there was ice underneath).   That was fine but I got cocky and decided to take the little car to town.  Before I made it to the interstate the road was throwing it around so badly that I detoured, came home and took the truck instead. 

I did so love how quiet it was outside first thing in the morning and really liking the morning light so I did some photos to share with you.

Also dragged out my macro lens for some work.  Honestly I am gonna need to just get back to a happy place with my tripod I think.  I can't seem to get steady enough anymore to get really nice clear shots.  But here were some of them.

I had hoped to get some bird shots but honestly the chickadees apparently were not impressed but finally after some time standing in the sunshine (but cold) my one white breasted nuthatch showed up.  I've seen this one and one of the hairy woodpeckers at the feeder this winter but not really much else.

Even grocery shopping wasn't a total boring bust.  I found that my favorite brand of instant oatmeal (that I love taking camping in particular) is now available at WinCo (for now anyway).    I will be interested to see how they taste.  Often times when a company goes "large scale" quality suffers so we shall see.

Now the weekend is again almost gone.  Things are busy at work but am kind of hoping to get a day off sometime in the next few weeks.   Maybe we'll get another warm day or too (hope hope) and I can work in the trailer - or better yet, spend some time bathing and grooming dogs.   Sterling has therapy next week so he's gonna get it sooner rather than later!   

Have a great week all!






Far Side(non-registered)
Your macros shots are great I have to hold my breath sometimes! I need to work on my photo skills too! The dogs are all looking good! :)
Diane Bohlen(non-registered)
Love your macro shots. You've still got it! The dogs know where to be in winter.Keep at the knitting.
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