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February 02, 2020  •  3 Comments

Sunday already!   Thanks all for the comments and Sue hope you got the recipe link!

I honestly haven't done a lot in the photo department this week but I'll throw some in anyway.   Honestly after the week with the trial Cesky we rolled right into a week of layoffs at work.   400 families were affected by these - the second bunch in as many months.   I had a number of friends here in MT that were laid off which, while I am glad I was spared (this time - it is corporate America today - you are never safe and are just a box on an org chart) my heart and prayers go out to those that were not.   It was tough just getting anything done and getting to the weekend.   Needless to day not a lot got done at home either, it just sucks the life out of you.  This pretty much sums up the week!

My knitting  project continues very slowly but sorry no photo  to prove it.   I kinda do a couple rows at a time as the knitting and crocheting anymore end up bothering my wrists.  Too many freaking years earning a living on a computer.

It has continued to be warm outside which while lovely, resulted in Red Flag warnings  the last few days.   It is SO DRY which is not a good sign for summer either.  Is what it is at this point.   I used that warm though to get outside with 4 of the dogs and do some training on Friday afternoon.   That mostly proved how out of shape their Mom is!   Josie and I were watching video of our wonderful trainer Nancy - inspiring us to get out of the recliner!

Saturday the winds REALLY kicked up with 50mph sustained and 70+ gusts.  I took the opportunity to do some laundry (because I hang all of my laundry) and it took me longer to secure it to the clothesline than it did to dry!   Everything had to have an extra clothes pin and that wasn't even on the side of the house where it was the worst!

Since it was warm though my plan was to take advantage  and get out and work in the trailer.   I've had partial projects piling up in the spare room waiting for some warmth  to get them done.   One was to see if the new dog ramp might work for us.  I have hopes that it will based on this.   It is light weight and I think I may put some additional 2X4s on the bottom to raise it up a bit more.   My old boys just cannot do the step as it is.   Work in progress, still struggle with  finding a step/ramp situation that will work and still allow me to fence off under the door (to prevent escapes).

I then pulled out some of the garage storage items so I could do some work inside.   I found  that storing the lawn furniture cushions in the trailer prevents the possibility of mouses eating them but I needed the space to work.  You know, it isn't that big inside.   My main goal was to get the "curtains" off that I had hanging in the back and put up the new back door covers.   That involved Gorilla tape and velcro (the ones I sewed back in Nov/Dec).   The middle section is left loose so I can roll it up when  I'm loading/unloading.  Still have to put the straps to hold that up but with the wind I wasn't opening that back door.   My benches fit SO tight I also had do do a little tweeking on those to get them back in their spot and then got the little red covers put on the front of those (to cover the drawers that are underneath.  Didn't turn out  too bad.

The benches make into a bed and the table can be removed and/or moved to the side.   My rolling cooler (used for dry good storage and a foot rest) also fits in that middle space to ride.    I also started the wallpapering of the wall on the  right.  Had to order a couple more rolls though as I'm as far as I can get with what I had left from the other side. It will have the same stuff that is on the other side as it lightens up the inside considerably!   Still have some work to do with the window curtains - hanging them not  doing new  ones - and I got the new crates strapped together and inside as well.   A shelf to be installed under the TV is on deck for today if it is warm enough.  Need to go to town and pick up some more supplies to do that.    Generally I am working my way from back to front so when the time comes it is ready to go.

So that really about sums up the week.   Not a football fan so the "big game" isn't even on the agenda for today.  Have laundry in, my coffee half drank and I'll get dressed and get going.  I see the wind is STILL howling and I'm pretty sure we are still getting some earthquake shaking from the one earlier this week.




Far Side(non-registered)
You had an earthquake? Wow I have been out of the news loop I guess! So glad you still have a job! :)
You are so imaginative and industrious. It looks great.
Yep, I got the recipe in my email. I got all the ingredients.....not all I have to get is the gumption to make it!
Sometimes just looking at that sweet, mouth open poodle face is all one needs to relax and take things as they come.
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