Bitterrot Camping Part 1

June 05, 2020  •  4 Comments

After being stuck at home all Winter and then all Spring and having all of my vacation plans smashed by a virus  I took the chance to get away over Memorial weekend for a few days of camping - me and the dogs.   

There was lots of sitting outside enjoying the sun (we lucked out it only really was wet one day of our 4).  Some walks around, watched wildlife (deer, quail, harriers, heron and many birds plus some marmots).

All these  photos are from the phone and sorry about the quality, my phone flipped to HDR at some point and those never load off the phone correctly.   Our one day that we walked down to the river (I should have done more) I only took the phone.

There was macro and close up practice (didn't take the big long lens and of course I should have).   The wildflowers were going good!

Epic cannot help himself, the MINUTE he saw water he had his feet in all of it....till we got to the river and I hooked him up because it was in flood and running super fast.

Wild turkey feathers.

Josie never did get through the fence, but not for lack of trying!

There was even some stovetop baking (first attempt) in my new Omni.   Rhubarb crisp turned out AWESOME!


Far Side(non-registered)
Oh so pretty there! LOve how the dogs share beds:)
I love how the dogs all cram in the rim of sunshine! Beautiful, peaceful scenery. Rhubarb crisp! Our favorite! Nice post.
What a lovely area. It seems so peaceful, were you on private property? Love the photos!
You can feel the 'peaceful'.
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