Cool Clouds and my Neighbors

June 10, 2020  •  2 Comments

We have had some really cool cloud formations come across the valley and you know what a weather watcher I am.  I cannot help it living where I do.  Yes these were taken late Spring when we had a dusting of snow.    I also wanted to post an update on the hawk neighbors.  I knew they were on eggs by the activity and figured oh about Mother's Day we should have chicks.  Remember though the nest is so high up the tree that it is hard to get good photos....well, the first week in June I confirmed 3 little white fuzzy heads up there and boy those parents are BUSY keeping them fed.   Both are hunting so I think chicks are probably about 3+ weeks old.   I can stand by the house and watch with the binoculars but if I move out into the open in the front yard (all of 10 feet) parents start screaming at me.   So photos are as close as I can get with my long lens (so not terribly clear) but the binoculars are much more clear which is fun.    I dare any of the gophers "thinking" they might move back across my driveway to poke their ruddy heads out of THOSE holes!

You should be able to see all 3 heads in the photo below.

Proof that mama was NOT happy with me pointing "stuff" at HER tree!


love to see the clouds lying on the mountaintops. Great shots of those fuzzy white babies, fun to be able to watch them grow.
Great shots of the clouds and the Hawks and chicks. You live in a beautiful area.
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