Pandemic Project Progress

June 21, 2020  •  2 Comments

You cannot tell from the  photo below but this is how you storyboard.   Oh and 2 of the paints were picked (one was adjusted a bit) and neither of the wallpapers is going up at this point.   I will say, I got both my paint colors in the pearl finish from Benjamin  Moore and the coverage was FABULOUS!    I'm known for cheaping out on paint from the big box stores and have never gotten great results (worst ones were outdoors).   I got Lemonade (toned down 25% with white) for the laundry room and bought 2 gallons figuring I'd need em.  Nope - didn't even use up one gallon.   Guess something else will be painted yellow!   The kitchen ended up as Ice Mist and took about 1/2 gallon for 2 coats.   Realize I didn't paint all the way to the floor where the cabinets are going in.

Oh then there is my floor.   Not sure if I mentioned that I got a great deal on some Florbo Click & Loc.   I've done a TON (as in literally the rest of the house sans one room) of click together floor and this did not disappoint.   It went down really easily and really well.   Thanks to Robin  who came over to help one Sunday it was all knocked out in < 8 hours.   Much to be said for the word "finesse" though as this isn't stuff you can play "whack a mole" with and force together.     

While I had Robin here I also got one set of shelves back in the laundry room which meant  at least SOME of my clutter around the house was reduced!   Sadly my very very OLD hammer couldn't take it anymore (had issues getting the cheap China-made shelves apart to adjust them) and it was lost.

Here is a photo of the not trimmed out yet laundry room.   I had those hooks for over a year, found them at Lowes in a bin one day I was there and picked them up - without any plan for them.   Now they have a home.   The shelf was my answer to wanting a place to hang up (not on my clothesline you see in the upper left corner) the dog towel and pee pads when they aren't used.   I had the brackets from a failed project in the trailer so a little spray paint and a dowel I had laying in the garage and got my wish.  The rug runner fits pretty nicely there as well, which helps with the tracking in and out of the dogs and human.   It isn't the final version but the one I had on hand.   Ruggables to the rescues again!   I love those things!

The laundry now has its additional shelves, some pretty stuff to add some zing and the trim and baseboard is all up as of this weekend.  Not sure  yet if I'll paint the corner trims but I do have that option.   I'm also THRILLED to have my clothesline  back up!   It rained almost all last week and even though my washer was hooked back up I couldn't hang out my laundry!   Some new bins will be here this week for dog and bird food  and  there is still some other clutter to sort out but honestly this was a big step!

Below is the current state of the kitchen.   Just because the cabinets aren't in doesn't mean I couldn't do some "decorating".   Got the window trimmed out as well as the door and baseboards as much as  I can do till  cabinets  are installed anyway.   Put one of my other rugs on the floor as it is new, slick and I was sure a dog was going to get hurt (since they run through there like utter idiots)!

I cannot tell you how happy I am to be done painting!   Everything now is done to the point that I have to wait for the cabinets to arrive (hopefully in the next few weeks).   Still deciding on switch plates and considering possibly changing out the light switches as they are old, yellow and grungy.

Meanwhile the dogs and I had a little down time out front - resting my foot which I sprained while weed whacking (yup the weeds and lawn wait for no remodel).    They are really sick and tired of this whole business honestly so I am going to do my BEST to spend some actual fun time with them will the final phases get rolling.

I have done NO gardening this summer but honestly, sitting out on the patio having coffee, this corner was bugging me - it was messy, needed some more mulch and I just wanted to get my hands a LITTLE dirty.   So I got 4 plants along with mulch and my trim boards at Home Depot and got to actually FINISH  a project!   

I also got my chalk paint books in the mail I picked up!  Thanks to (my favorite used book store) I have numerous Annie Sloan books to help spark my imagination.    I have plans for a final piece of my remodel and it involves some refinishing of an antique piece I already have.   I had her kitchen book and in there saw the fix to a problem I have had forever for that piece.   I will however be starting that adventure after everything ELSE is done and will try it out on a smaller nightstand  first.

That is life in the fast (or slow) lane right now.   I'm sad to say that each time I go to town, I see less and less people in the stores wearing face masks or following the 6' rule (so magically this virus apparently has disappeared).   I continue to wear mine (with the cute poodles) and honestly, have no desire to be around many people usually anyway.   While I miss the dog shows I was  to attend, I just literally decided that this year I wouldn't do any and will see where things stand next year.   That said, I give kudos to Hobby Lobby - probably the only place in town where ALL their staff are wearing masks (them and some of the small businesses).   Low and behold, one of the counties in eastern MT went to Phase 2 with everyone else and a bunch of idiots just threw caution to the wind - 25 cases in 3 days.   Sigh.   So here's hoping you all are staying safe, especially if you have contact with high risk "others" or are high risk yourself.   Nuff said!   Bak to my hermit life.


I really like how the yellow laundry room turned out. Very cheery, and not a dark hole anymore!
We love the click-and-lock flooring too, will probably be updating the three bedrooms and the basement to those as the carpets get too tired and stained.
Nice job!
Far Side(non-registered)
You made great progress! It is all looking really good! I am partial to yellow. What a huge project you picked but you are nearing the finish line! I have a friend who did a bunch of stuff with the Annie Sloan paints...all turned out real cute!
Yes we are staying safe! Thank goodness we live in the boonies!
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