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July 06, 2020  •  3 Comments

Okay some probably think I am already abstract (aka weird) already but I'll be honest, it isn't in me naturally.  My crafting generally up until this past year was all by direction and patterns.   Digging into my own creative soul isn't easy for this very type A, analytical detail personality.   The kitchen remodel is getting me there.  A bit by force, but more by just wanting to do things and make things that make ME happy.

The painting of the utility room got me started. Yellow is just not something I'd normally go for.  Now that it is done I'm in love.   Being cheap also got me going.  The upcoming pouring of my counters in epoxy still freaks me out but doing the samples really helped get me out of my comfort zone and just go for it.    The chalk painting (see previous post) also is helping.  Change is in the  air.

Along the lines of the epoxy pouring has led me to a newer hugely popular acrylic paint pouring.   Now this is NOT for the detail oriented nor is it everyone's "thing" but what it does for me is helps relax me (you never know what you'll get) and make me just let go of my control issues.   And I have a large helping of those!

Besides it is a much cheaper way of playing with colors and flow than epoxy.    I also found that most of the people on YouTube doing it really keep reminding us that "it is only paint" - if you hate it, scrape it off and start over.   Well I didn't want to invest a ton in something I may not enjoy so off I went, got about 6 colors I liked and decided rather than starting  on canvas (it is pricey) I'd start on ceramic tiles.  Super  cheap!    I knew I was enjoying  it when I finished the first few with a dutch pour technique then started scouring the garage for other things to use to try other techniques.

Did they all turn out - heck no!  I  found that the silver I mixed wasn't mixed to the right  ratios and disappeared.  I also  found that the blowing is way harder than they  make it look and I think having to wear glasses while doing it does also hinder things.   It is also SUPER MESSY!   But just like your finger  painting as a kid - thatis part of the "letting go".   

This is also good in helping me learn more about mixing colors together.   But you don't know what you'll get.  So  here are some of my  examples.  No haters!  Remember this is my  first time ever and if abstract isn't your bag, don't look!

Here are my first attempts.....funny how I HATE seeing cells in the epoxy pours but they are kinda growing on me for some of these.  


Next I wanted to try not doing a puddle in the middle but a line thru the diagonal.

Then started playing with different backgrounds.   Remember all of these were done with the same 5 colors.

Then I tried a bubble wrap reverse  pour.  Basically you pour the paints on the bubble wrap  and press the tile onto it.  One was meh - okay, the other I tossed as it was icky.   Mind you I had no idea what I was doing on this one, just guessed.

This one was my attempt at a string pull.  I kinda like it.   

Again, some were epic fails and bad enough I didn't want to keep them.  Others I just wanted to let grow on me.

Ya know what they remind me of?   The geyser basins in Yellowstone.  You know, where the different bacteria grow in different colors.   Now at the end of it all I was tossing out the paint leftovers and decided not to waste it and scraped and re-poured one tile using a "dirty pour" technique where you pour all the colors into one cup and the pour it out.  Something the epoxy people do a ton of but I really just didn't feel confident to do.  Well with paint leftovers why not!   I  admit though it uses a LOT of paint.   I was pleasantly surprised at the result.   The first is before I applied heat and I think I like it better.  Next time will leave it and see how it dries.   The colors don't render well here, it is prettier in person of course.

The skins (puddles) left on the plastic are almost as pretty or more so than the tiles.

My thoughts.   It was a blast.   I have some more things I'd like to try and just have fun with.   Did it make me let go of my control....oh  yeah.    Were there surprises - oh yeah.   I do need to figure out the mix ratios but definitely am doing that.  Do I have ideas for things to do?   You bet I do.   It is a fun distraction, I think it will help me to just relax when I get ready to do my counters.   It's a summer only project as I really think it needs to stay in the garage.   Hope it inspires some of you to even just to out and search on YouTube and watch some of the cool stuff they do and how  out of the box they think.  I  love creative people.   

If this isn't your bag, well not everything for everyone.   



Far Side(non-registered)
Oh my what a fun in the garage! My daughter does some of this with alcohol inks ans special papers...I have not tried it. It looks like you tried lots of different techniques! Is it possible to use the tiles as a backsplash someplace? Stay cool and safe!
I find that doing crafty stuff like this is really relaxing, and yes, makes me let go of my need for perfection. Very cool stuff! Some of your pours remind me of rock geode type stuff. :-)
Lisa Windflower(non-registered)
My father started doing this in the 1970s
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