So Close

July 28, 2020  •  4 Comments

Thanks everyone for the kind comments on the remodel work and for Elliott!  I am happy to say that the remodel is all but done and I'll share with you some before/afters of that today.   I also wanted to ask that you keep the good vibes coming for my oldsters (Teddy has also hit a "bump in the road" right now).   I had myself in prep mode to say goodbye to Elliott this week but as I started watching him, I just don't think he is ready to go.   We've landed on at least a somewhat level spot in his management of the licking and although I know that his health isn't going to get better (short of a miracle) he's not in pain and I seem to have found herbs and topicals that are helping the irritation he has  from his tumors.    Doesn't mean next week it may go to heck but that is where we are for now.

So here are the before's for the kitchen - sorry but they weren't the staged "befores" but you get the idea.

WHAT A MESS!    As of now I'm back into my kitchen, the spare bathroom is back to being what it is supposed to be and it is GLORIOUS!   I do have some trim work I'm finishing this week - the floor transition to the dining room and the wall transition to the same.   The toe kicks and a couple pieces of trim went in today.    I'm incredibly happy and proud of how it turned out.   It feels gigantic in both the kitchen and laundry which is so very nice.   The upper cabinet I thought I was going to use in the kitchen went in then out.  I hated how it looked.  I'll find somewhere else to utilize it.  Still working on the conditioning of the counters and the big one isn't fastened down yet but at 110 pounds - it isn't going anywhere.   

The dogs and I are all very happy to be over the hump and getting back into a normal house again. Everything isn't in its final spots yet but close enough.  Now for a bit cooler weather as it is too hot to even be out enjoying the summer weather and doing some training but I am hopeful.  I also got a notice on FB that this time last year I was packed up living in my trailer in the driveway of my friend Jeanine as we were evacuated for the North Hills Fire.   I am so very glad that is behind us as well.   Blessed!


Linda W(non-registered)
Wow, your kitchen looks fabulous! Great job, especially doing all the work yourself. I'm heading to MT on Sunday to see my son. He lives in Townsend now. My hubby and I have been trying to isolate ourselves so we don't bring any bad germs to him.
The remodel looks great....I bet you're in heaven having everything sorted out and in it's place. Good job.
Far Side(non-registered)
Wow it looks great! I bet you are glad it is done! Your floor is just perfect! It all goes together so well...what a happy place to cook! :)
Loks really nice! Taking out that L counter really opened it up. Good vibes to Elliott and Teddy. We both know that we just take each day as it comes with our seniors.
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