In Memory - Elliott

August 11, 2020  •  3 Comments

The end of last week I said my final good-bye to my xolo Elliott so I just wanted to share some of my favorite photos of my red-headed meekat boy.   He wasn't a snuggler with me but always with company and especially my Mom.  He was 14.   LOTS of great memories and for my "title heads" he had titles in rally obedience as well as being the first ever xolo to get a title in musical freestyle.   He was a great tracker and a stubborn little red-head to be sure.  The house is very quiet and we miss him a lot.   He's running free and healthy with all of his pack now and I can only hope to see them all again someday.


Love, love the photos. So sorry to hear you've lost him. They're never with us long enough, never.

We'll be facing this inevitability. Lew's oral biopsy came back as a fibrosarcoma. We won't treat it, surgery could be disfiguring, so we'll enjoy his happy sweet self as long as we can. Prognosis could be a year. and we're now trying to forget about it until we can't :(
You have some lovely memories here. Sorry for your loss.
Far Side(non-registered)
So sorry. Run free sweet had a good life. Love the photo of him in his rose colored coat. It is never easy losing a four legged friend. Sending you a hug:)
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