Finally A Get Away!

September 23, 2020  •  1 Comment

As most of you are probably also experiencing, ALL of my travel plans for 2020 were toasted by well, you know.   That said, I just really needed to get away from home, work, electronics and disconnect.  That I did and it was marvelous.   The dogs and I loaded up with the trailer and went camping with my brother for a week up in NW Montana.   The drive was long to get there (about 6 hours) but worth it knowing we could just stay in one place for 5 days and that we'd split the trip home so we had 2 nights about 1/2 way.   Utterly fabulous and one of my favorite spots to camp (yup will be going back).    We managed to snag 2 spots near the water and near the docks so that launching the kayak (my brother) and SUP (me just once) was easier although it isn't bad from any of the spots.

It was smokey/hazy the entire time but honestly I didn't care.  I just took care of my sinuses and allergies as best I could and enjoyed the time away.  Not one lick of cell service which was also marvelous!

Logan State ParkLogan State Park

Many people are shocked that I take all 6 dogs with me camping but really, I've been showing/traveling with MANY dogs for so long that it really isn't a big deal and I certainly don't want to leave them home or in a kennel.   That is why I have the trailer after all!  Of course finding a place to sit in my tiny trailer can be a challenge sometimes.     We have ex-pens outside (I wish more RV people would get how easy that makes things and how safe it is then for MY dogs and others) and are set up so they can go in and out of the trailer.  They aren't ever outside without me there.

Logan State ParkLogan State Park

This spot was a favorite especially for the poodles so they could look out and see the goings on.

We watched the coots and the ducks (an armada of them every night and morning) and the bees that were super busy on these weeds out back of my site.

Logan State ParkLogan State Park

Logan State ParkLogan State Park That's all for this post but I'll share more of our adventures in posts coming up so stay tuned.



Your trailer looks cozy and nice with dogs lounging everywhere. My kind of place, even though we only have one dog now. We have always traveled with one or two ex-pens that can be connected to make a nice large space and I wouldn't travel without one.

Nice that you got away, it's so centering - I could feel you relaxing!
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