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September 26, 2020  •  2 Comments

See that is the beauty of staying in one spot for a bit (and this is our second time up here).   There are almost always new places to explore (knowing WE like to do a lot of off the beaten path/backroad stuff).   The day before leaving our week long camp we took off the "other direction" to poke around some lakes we saw on the map (the Gazateer/landscape one - that is why I'm a 4wd girl).

We hit up two different locations and checked out the options of course for camping and recreating.  The first one was pretty much a bust, the shores were all hillside and the camping area we found at Bitterroot Lake were well bad.   So I didn't do any photos there.   We then took off up to Ashley Lake which we'd sort of passed a few years ago on our trek up to the wildlife refuge.  We found an absolutely perfect pull off spot, had the place to ourselves, had lunch and let the dogs stretch their legs and play in the water.  Pretty sweet.

Ashley LakeAshley Lake Ashley LakeAshley Lake Ashley LakeAshley Lake Ashley LakeAshley Lake Ashley LakeAshley Lake Ashley LakeAshley Lake

Happy poodle with the tree he wanted to fetch with.

We were throwing rocks in the water - another game he loves.

Ashley LakeAshley Lake Ashley LakeAshley Lake

Nosey Josie even got her feet wet.

Ashley LakeAshley Lake

Oliver was trying to understand the rock throwing game.

Ashley LakeAshley Lake


Far Side(non-registered)
Love that group photo!
Susan Bank(non-registered)
love the dogs exploring the lake shore and then "posing" for you! We, too, play "toss the rock" and only one dog used to take it very seriously. She'd dive down trying to find the exact rock and bring it back (sometimes successfully!)
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