Bring on Spring

February 28, 2021  •  2 Comments

Well we can hope so anyway.   Based on today's weather (Sunday) with its windy and cold nastiness it is hard to tell but hey, they keep promising 50 the end of the week.   I'm counting on it as I really want to get out in the trailer and start that project.

There is still lots of this going on in my house.

Teddy seems to have overcome his two nasty falls last week and I have put added protections on all of the couches so that when he does get up there he won't roll off onto the hard floor.   New uses for the poodle big dog beds - floor cushion.

I cannot believe the weekend is almost over but I am VERY much looking forward to a long weekend the  end of next week.   I'm just not ready to go back to work tomorrow but oh well.  Suck it up for 4 days.    Saturday I did pick up a knee brace (honestly it is my knee that hurts but I don't think that is the origin  of the issue)  and the stability allowed e to take Epic for a short walk (albeit slow) down the road and back.   I'm so ticked off that I'm losing physical ground by having to sit around with this thing.  Not to mention that honestly, my walks are my "stress reset".  Luckily the mud was mostly frozen as it is amess when it thaws right now.  I took the car to town Wednesday and wasn't sure I'd make it down my road the mud was so bad!

We've had snow coming through here and there all weekend and Epic and I made it back just as this was moving in.

We got a "skiff" of big flakes from that but it didn't last.   Meanwhile the thawing and freezing has made the back yard a poopy ice rink.   With the ground still frozen and it being the north side of the house, when it does thaw it is a swamp and almost too deep to do poop patrol, when it freezes there is no chopping THAT out.   I know, TMI.

So today was another pancake morning (yum) and I definitely will be going to get more acorn squash tomorrow so I can roast, puree and freeze it for the future.   I don't think I can go back to flour pancakes (which were never a big fave anyway).   I also got bone broth stock on the stove (since I'm not going out in this yucky weather).   

Last of my trip camping reservations are now done so I'm happy to say my big trip is now secured.   That is a total relief to be honest.   So as soon as I post this I'm off the computer for the day.   Think I am going to see if I can find a pattern for a knit hat (using my knitting boards) and reading the directions for my new (oh happy day) sewing machine which arrived this week.   My poor little old White machine served me well but it just wasn't up to anymore heavy duty sewing and I have a number of projects (one is a window cover for the truck) that require some heavy duty ability.   That little cheap machine though sewed a LOT of warm windows and dog collars and fleece boots let me tell you!

This doesn't have the fancy stitches but honestly, I don't do fancy stuff and if I did I'd get a specific embroidery machine for that (no plans for yet another project tho).   Basic stitches and the ability to sew through quilt layers and outdoor upholstery type fabric is my need.  Wish me luck on that one!

That's all I got folks.   During the week am barely able to get through the insanely busy work days (they go fast but suck the life outta me) so the weekends are project time.


We finally got a break from cold and rain, and it's been sunny if not warm here since Sunday. The flip side of that is that the grass is growing like mad! I really need to get out and start walking too. Hope the knee brace helps, I have a wardrobe of different styles with different levels of support. Ugh, I hate getting older! Give Teddy and extra hug from me- our seniors remind us that we only get so many hugs and kisses from them.
Far Side(non-registered)
Oh I recall the frozen turds. If I missed some then i had to wait for the snow to be gone and then a cold frosty morning and hit them with the poop stick and they would come flying out. WE tried to keep up with poops everyday but sometimes that wasn't possible! I miss that now.
A new machine hope it does what you want! Have a good week at work!
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