Nutrition 6 Weeks In

February 26, 2021  •  1 Comment

Skip this if you really don't care about my nutrition journey - this is as much for me as all of you so might be kinda boring.  I'll insert some non-topic photos just to make it pretty!  LOL

I haven't shared what counseling I'm getting and probably should.  I signed up for a program with East West Healing (  It is all remote which is nice (don't get me on the local opportunities for holistic health).    I was turned on to it by a long time friend who, when we talked about my health scare in October was like "that is EXACTLY what happened to me"  (and she and I are the same age).   She recommended looking into this program and see if I was ready to try something like this.   I am glad I did.   I am 6 weeks in and already am noticing changes and figuring out why my body was yelling at me (it has been yelling for a LONG time I just wasn't paying attention).    So couple things I've learned:

  • We as a society do not give STRESS the attention it deserves and we do NOT generally understand the toll it takes on us physically.   I for one could tell emotionally what it did but I didn't have in my head how that was depleting my whole physical body.
  • My Grandad had it right - that man lived to 95 and I that wholesome eating and exercising (he was an avid walker after he quit farming) was bang on.    I remember his breakfast as toast with butter, 2 eggs, cornflakes and milk and Mogan David wine.    Remembering he hit the ground running every day and understood how important breakfast was.   
  • Slow and steady wins the race.  Making changes to your routines (that has been my hard task) as well as adjusting what you eat needs to be SLOW.  This is why diets fail (okay we all knew that).   I love this program as they really coach you in little enough bits that it feels doable and I can say I have NEVER been shamed about what I'm doing (I'm stubborn that will make me just say no).   I kinda feel like this last week has finally found me understanding what is going on.    

Is it tough - for me yes!  The hardest hasn't been the foods (it wasn't a huge change there just looking to balance them all) but the timing.   My body wants more meal type fuel more often (so more like 4-5 meals a day) and needs the support between those in little bits (snacks).   What have I noticed - well I think I mentioned I feel much more emotionally STABLE than I was - even when work stresses me out.   Over the last few years even the task of going grocery shopping would just give me anxiety.   I find now it doesn't really.   Makes me understand more those Mom's who look to nutrition to help kids with autism or ADD or....    My energy isn't like, over the top at this point but it is also more stable.  I don't have the "h-angry" instances and I'm also not craving the sugar like I used to.

Part of this program is more roots and fruits.  I right now am REALLY finding how much I enjoy (and my body loves) having cooked apples (with cinnamon) and I finally hit on a bone broth that I can stand (do NOT buy the prepackaged stuff - it is gross).  I first tried beef - YUCK, but I love chicken soup so went that route and made my own and bingo!    Part of the roots is squashes and potatoes.  I have enjoyed spaghetti squash before just didn't make it a priority - so now I switch that out with actual pasta.   Butternut squash was another try out - well that in soup didn't work so I got to the internet and found the below recipe for pancakes and YUMMO!    Sweet potatoes here are hard to find but I did start some experiments with yam chips in my air fryer oven.  They aren't too bad!   I'm gonna bet I can also do pancakes with those.

I make 1/2 of this recipe and get 4 good size pancakes.


1 cup cooked (I roast them and remove the pulp and freeze) and pureed butternut squash

4 eggs

3 tablespoons maple syrup (pure) or raw honey

1 teaspoon vanilla

1 cup tapioca flour

1/4 cup coconut flour

1/2 teaspoon baking soda

1/2 teaspoon cinnamon

Mix the first 4 ingredients and beat for 1 minute (I just did this with a whisk you don't NEED a mixer).  Then add the rest and blend well.

Cook as you would other pancakes - couple minutes on each side depending on how hot your skillet is (I cooked with butter in my cast iron skillet).

I also am learning how important the vitamins and minerals we can get from bone broth are (and especially in winter how comforting - like that chicken noodle soup for a cold/flu is) for you.   As I mentioned try 1 was a fail but 2 was a success.  You can either do this with a whole cut up chicken or like I did this last time - I bought chicken quarters (will probably get whole chickens moving forward).   The less fatty the better of course.   I have good size quarters so I can only fit 2 at a time in my big Corning Ware dish (yes I have those).   Cover with water, add spices (I just dump in rosemary, thyme and a teeny bit of cayenne pepper).   Put on the lid, bring to a boil then turn down to low and simmer 4-6 hours.   Strain the broth and let set to let the fat go to the top and get solid.  Remove the fat.   I fill and freeze mine in pint canning jars.    Use it in cooking or drink it with a meal.  Very warming.

I have other friends I know have found bone broth to be very good.  The collagen has HUGE benefits (I also do powdered collagen in my mocha and some of my other fluids during the day) not the least of which is digestion.   I'll admit I'm a menopausal woman and my digestion took a BIG hit when that all kicked in.

So there ya have it - lots of stuff but good stuff.   Food for me has always been problematic.   Bad eating habits as an adult, bad exercise (or no exercise) and just letting the stress of things eat up what stores my body did have.   So looking forward to turning that around.





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Sounds like quite a journey! Thanks for sharing what works for you!
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