What a Week of Subzero Looks Like Here

February 14, 2021  •  4 Comments

I have to say that I am glad that they gave us full warning that the cold was coming and I am very glad I heeded the warning of it.     I am thrilled to report it appears that the thermometer is finally headed in the upward direction this week and honestly, we "can" still get cold like this the rest of the month but there is a light at the end of Winter for sure.

What did we do?   We did not leave the property (and won't till Monday) for over a week.   I think the fact that I was prepared helped that to be sure.   Thank God for the wood stove!   If not for that, 1, I'd probably have not even gone outside and 2, I'd owe my soul to the electric company!

I was out every single day though.  Yes it took 15 minutes to get all the clothes on for the 30 minutes of outside chores but it WAS really nice to get fresh air.  Yes I had to dig the Carhart barn coat out of the back closet (glad I still had it) and yes I'm pretty scary looking but hey it did the job.    First job - fetch wood in so we aren't running out int he middle of the night.

Then feed the wild birds - they didn't get any water but I was able to keep them in seed (high fat sunflower).  About every 36 hours the feeders were empty!

All the while running the cars in the garage.   The little car was NOT happy (no plug for it) and the truck got started only a couple of days as it is plugged in. 

Back and forth back and forth I went, but that kept me warm.  I made it down the road and back 2 days as  I was REALLY missing my walks.   Weird walking by myself and honestly the air was so freaking cold that down the road and back was all I could muster.

Meanwhile I got to take a few days off work (so I don't lose them).   My  goal was to stay warm, do chores and get the next sign done for my friend and finish the Christmas project I started in January so I could get that all put away.   Both were accomplished.

Saturday we did break 0F so my hope was that Sunday I could bundle up Epic and and myself and get even a short walk in.   As soon as it was close to 0 and the wind  had not picked up it was time.

Epic was doubled up - a fleece coat under one of the new coats we got from our friend in Hawaii (needless to say they don't need them there).   He is now the second owner of these coats which Auntie Sue told me have been up a number of the Colorado 14ers!   I really love how they fit!   I definitely took the brunt of him not getting any exercise in over a week though as he was "full of it"!  Then 2 layers of boots on feet.  Fleece and the new boots I bought for him over those.  Interestingly he was able to kick off the two back purchased ones 1/2 thru the walk, so less than impressed.  I just need to go get fleece when in town tomorrow and get the sewing machine out and sew  new ones for him and for Josie as once it starts to warm the snow is going to be too sticky to walk without them.

We came back from our walk feeling very refreshed and had a great time spotting tracks in the snow.   Until I found this one just up from the garage.

That is a good size "cat track" and not a domestic good size, a wild good size.   So we will be on the watch for more of those tracks.   Sneaky though as I couldn't find any other tracks from it HOWEVER I suspect it was stalking deer and was following in their trails.   Spooky.   We know there are mountain lions up this hillside and of course, I've not seen any but you normally do not.   This cold spell will move them down to easy pickings and we have a boatload of people up here with free chickens  and the like.    That is the reason I don't spend time outside much after dark to be honest.

So that's it for us for the "subzero  week".   It wasn't pleasant but it wasn't horrible.   I look forward to warmth and the  unfreezing of my shower drain for sure!   But that one thing was a known (does it when it gets below zero for many days) and I have heat and power and water.   All good things!  Next projects, Far Side Wasp Nests and finding a new winter hat.



So glad you were able to prepare, it makes a huge difference.
BRRRRRRR None of that sounds like any fun! At least you were able to make the best of it but all I can say is brrrrrr
Oh you poor things. So cold. I'm glad that you were prepared.
Far Side(non-registered)
Good to hear you are warmer. It was -38 here this morning but by the weekend we will be 68 degrees warmer or so they say, Sometimes that weather never gets here and is always a week away! Oh your fabric project looked like fun! It is hard work staying warm! So glad you got to work from home. Stay warm1
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