Will March In Like a Lion

February 23, 2021  •  3 Comments

Hard to believe it is the end of February but based on the weather it sure is true!    Amazing how we  skated by literally all winter and then BOOM in February we got all the winter weather and then some.   I personally was happy to say good bye to the below zero stuff!     Since then we've had snow, rain, 50 degrees (so my back yard now looks like a frozen swamp) and today mud.   

Sadly as soon as we got above zero I got one walk in and after time on the elliptical machine during sub-zero found out that I messed up one of my knees (or rather the muscles and tendons above and below most likely).   I got care for it and a few days later was feeling well enough  Epic and I went for a walk.   I made it to the turn around and that knee started yelling.   Still he was having such a good time even though wee started out in a blizzard!   Glad he had his boots on and I had my gaiters.   Honestly it was a lovely walk up, just not back.   Still he keeps me motivated and it is still "all about the stick".   (sorry about the phone photos bad exposure)

At that point I realized I needed to stay on "knee  rest" till this sucker felt better.   I babied it, sat on my butt with my leg up, massaged, rolled my IT bands, rested.   It is driving me BONKERS (now 10 days in).   Of course it now starts to feel better when it is too freaking muddy to walk but I guess that will soften the blow.   I did finally a few days ago, get my bike out and the stationary stand for it, did some bike repairs and got it set up to start building strength up  on the knees.   Seems to be working as it does feel better.

So over the weekend I did start some projects (and did some laundry).   Far Side got me "hooked" (as in crocheting) on making some fake wasp nests.   She said they worked well for them so I'm going to give them a try and see if they deter ours this summer.   I also marked off the list the sewing of spare dog booties!

You can see the blue one where Epic has gone through the bottom of it.   So extras for him and for Josie.   I also got plans laid out for another heavy duty sewing project which I really decided (and with all the trailer DIYs) that I needed to replace my machine.  It will be donated as it is a good basic machine but won't work for anything heavy although we've limped by so far.   This little <$100 machine has sewed a LOT of warm windows and dog collars and dog  booties for sure!    New machine is on the way and more about that project in the future.   Yes, I am itching to get out into the trailer but it is still too darned cold.   

Teddy got acupuncture last week and it didn't go nearly as well as it did last time (pic below).   I am really cherishing the days left with him but I am seeing more and more issues cropping up.   Dr. Lindsay also commented that when she adjusted him "most of my clients  don't crunch when we adjust".   His fusing spine is getting worse (no surprise) and I am noticing more issues in his rear.   He also crashed on the floor  now  twice during the nights so now  I will be blocking off the couches so he can't be up on them at night.   He sleeps so deep and when he tries to get up loses balance and last night crashed so badly on the hard floor he screamed and  I flew out of bed.  He wasn't moving but was screaming so up and into bed with a shot of Herbaprin and me worrying that he might have broken something.   God love him he  didn't but I was awake from 3:30 on soothing him.   By morning he was moving, walking and ready to eat.   I don't freaking know how he hasn't broken any bones!    Like I said - am cherishing all my moments with him especially because I don't think we'll have him with us much longer.

The only goal is to keep him comfortable and happy (and he's still excited for food and begs popcorn) and SAFE!

That really is kind of a downer post but sometimes life throws us curve balls.   I was happy to not suffer the consequences  of weather like my coworkers in Texas last week and am happy that the knee is getting better.  My food program/coaching is going pretty well as we keep tweeking things.   My hardest issue is getting in enough substantial meals early in the day to keep my body going.    Growing up on that 3 meals a day routine is hard to change!    Am excited though to start feeling the difference.   I definitely am feeling more stabilized in my emotional state and my energy is definitely more balanced than it has ever been.    Things that would have "sent me over the edge" before no longer seem to do that and Lord knows I can use more calm!


Poor Teddy - sending him healing hugs, even for a little while longer. My Dr has me on Intermittent Fasting right now, to address some liver issues. Talk about the 3 meals a day habit being hard to break - try not having breakfast until noon. Finally getting into that habit, will know next month if it has helped or not. Glad you made it thru the last big storm, the freezing rain hit hard here, but we were just a couple miles south of the worst. Here's to spring and warmer weather!
Far Side(non-registered)
Hope your knee keeps improving! Poor Teddy it is hard to get old. I sent you something it should arrive today or tomorrow:)
Sorry you had a rough week. I love seeing Epic with his stick, always makes me smile.
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