In Like a Lamb! Where Does the Time Go?

March 12, 2021  •  4 Comments

But boy I finally feel like we are headed into Spring - even though the temps aren't breaking 50 very often.   Needless to say I'd rather be outside when it is warm enjoying the sunshine (yes even 45 is warm) rather than writing blogs on the computer - obviously!  But I digress....

I have been energized by the sunshine and a few warm days.  Even if not outside working on stuff I have gotten a couple of crafts going.   I did finish my knitting board first ever double knit hat.  I wanted a had with ear flaps and ties and found a pattern  in my beginners book that was the ticket.  I do have a few adjustments to make but I was happy with how it turned out.  Some yarn I had purchased and dog out the knitting board (that allows you to make a double knit - as in thicker) and away I went.

Next go I'm going to make it a bit smaller around though so I wrote that into the directions and we'll see how it goes.   Someone will get gifted this one I think.    I have since then started a rug on the big loom which I have to do just a row or two at a time as it does (as does crochet or traditional knitting) bother my computer wrists/arms.  Too many years working on the computer.

I am feeling like I'm actually getting some real work done though.  Still haven't fired up the new sewing machine but the weather got warm for one of my long weekends so I got out into the trailer and got that project started.  No more thinking it out - let's see if my measuring was right!   So for your entertainment here is a link to a time lapse video of what I've gotten done so far (let's call it oh 1/2 done).    Watch it - it is kinda funny actually.


The furniture came the day before I started which was lovely.  Now 1/2 of my garage is full of the crap I pulled out which I'll have to dismantle, find new places for and some will go back in.   This is the wall I left the paper on - because 1, I was sick of painting and 2, so far this is staying on better than the other side did.

This was the poopy (forgive the pun) part of the new flooring.   Trying to fit around all the bits in the bathroom.  It isn't perfect but better than the last time I did it! 

The new furniture is the same as the sectional I have in my house.  From Home Reserve (online) ordered and delivered looking much like this  and all needing assembly.   I love the stuff though and even better, every piece has storage in it.  So now I'll have either 2 beds (as seen below) or I can move one of the ottomans and have a big full size bed when it is just me.

Once I got all the furniture out of the boxes I decided I really needed to get the immense pile of cardboard I had accumulated the past oh 9 months off to the recycle bin.   Let's just call it what it is.  Covid Cardboard!

Meanwhile the dogs were out enjoying the lovely sunshine and getting enough fresh air so they really crashed every evening.

We of course  got to deal with incredible mud and some lovely sunsets!   (and the road below wasn't nearly as bad as the bottom of my driveway)

This past week was full of appointments (or felt like it).   One was Teddy's acupuncture and he still was fighting it a bit but did crash on the way home.   He also had a birthday this week and turned 16!   Where does time go?

Everyone else is doing good.   Oliver had a couple Kodak moments and others where I wanted to strangle him.   I finally figured out that my issue with my knee is from him continually sucker punching me in the back of my knee.   Finally injured that little tendon in the back of my knee by repetition.   I'm still fighting it and am literally CRUSHED that I can't go walk like I was before it went to heck.   So cute he may be but.....

That's kinda all I got.  Wanted to get this out before the weekend fires up as it is supposed to be warm again so I want to spend the weekend working some more on the trailer and maybe work on the pattern for the window cover for the truck that I want to make (the pattern stuff has arrived and a friend has offered to help as there will be climbing involved).   Hope everyone reading this is well and I'm going to do my best to catch up on blogs in the mornings when it is still too cold to be out working!


Diane Bohlen(non-registered)
Wow you are amazing with what you can do and make.
I thought I left a comment but, evidently, I pressed "cancel" instead of "add comment"! Sheesh. Something about spring's promises are always welcome, except that MUD, As always, I love the photos of the dogs, bless their little hearts. The trailer is coming along nicely, I like the idea of those movable couch units.....
Far Side(non-registered)
Love the red sectional furniture! I had a loom for socks once, I gave it a try...and was not impressed at all...your hat loom looks great and so does your hat! Now that you have found out what has been bothering your knee maybe it will get better! He looks so innocent!
spring and it's welcome sunshine makes every thing better, even with the mud that tags along.....
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