A Tizer Experience

July 19, 2021  •  3 Comments

We had a girls morning out and went to our favorite place.  Apologies to all that commented and I didn't see till today and thank you for patiently waiting while  I'm months between posts.   HOT HOT HOT here and not looking to let up anytime soon as is the case with the smoke.   LOTS of projects on the docket though so not much time for blogging or much entertainment.    So here are a host of flora, upside down trees, faeries, dragons and a teepee for you to enjoy.   Luv ya all!




Diane Bohlen(non-registered)
A great collection of beautiful photos.
Love all the flower pictures! Also love their dragon sculpture. And I bet they have the happiest chickens around :-)
Far Side(non-registered)
Oh my the flowers are awesome! Love that Red Oriental Lily it looks like velvet! Red Birds in a tree what a marvelous little flower!!! Loved it! Sure hope you are enjoying part of the summer! The smoke is bad here too:(
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