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July 31, 2021  •  1 Comment

We are back from a week long camping trip to NW Montana.   We loaded up my Mom and  the dogs to caravan with my brother to our favorite campground for his birthday (55).   We broke the drive up into a few hour  trips and did our first every HipCamp stay.   HipCamp is a newer online booking option much like a VRBO.   We stayed at a small farm outside off Arlee and actually enjoyed it very much.   The host was great and patient with our first ever attempt at this and their spot was dry camping in a pasture spot beside their house.  We were able to park nose  to tail and put the awnings out so both our doors  faced each other.   Made it nice for sitting outside.    I  also  used my new generator for the first time and was thrilled to have it since it was really hot when we got there and since it was dry camping no hookups.  This  way I could use the air  conditioner to cool off my little toaster oven  trailer.

We got moving the next morning a little later and headed out towards Libby.   We had managed just 4 nights but figured better than nothing.   It was smokey (as you can tell above) but not bad.   Just part of how the summer goes this year.    We spent the 3 days paddling, swimming dogs (including a lesson for Oliver), playing Mexican Train  dominos (my brother was teaching Mom and me) and celebrating his birthday.   Mom and I got a few walks around the campground in as well and okay there was also some movie watching and maybe a couple naps.

I came across this really weird insect exoskeleton out on some of the reeds.   Not at all sure what it is to be honest but maybe a dragonfly as I know they shed their skins  as they grow and there were a ton of em around.



This is what happens after an afternoon of swimming!

I am also happy to report that the adjustments made in my trailer after the trip to AZ were a big success.   Maybe just maybe I've hit on a good layout that works for the expens, door and stairs as well as a couple other items.   In the photo above you can see Josie laying on the removable shelf that encloses that area where I haul those when we are parked.   I  was able to convince at least some of the little dogs that it would  be better to lay up there  than take up all the couch space.  At least some  times.

We headed home with the intention of rolling through a few  first come  first serve campgrounds we knew  were on the way.   Of course most of them were full up (no surprise  really) or had switched over to reservations and we didn't know it.  I had one place left in my pocket before we called it and finished driving home that day.  We lucked out and found two really nice quiet spots to park for the night - in the woods, shade and dry camping.   Was also a great place for my brother to play with his new drone and for us to sit and listen to the two young eagles.

As always it is really fun to go but equally nice to come home.  Not fun to go back to work Monday though, just sayin.  Looks like my new RV port building kit will be here next week so that will be our priority for August.


Far Side(non-registered)
Happy Birthday to your brother! Your Mom looks great! I love Mexican much fun. Your photos are great the Libby area looks very pretty, we have been through there a few times. So glad you are pleased with your trailer set up and have a generator! Stay cool!
Good to hear that the wasp nests are working for you, they are working here we have Honey Bees...maybe they moved in because the wasps are gone...who knows:(
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