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October 22, 2022  •  2 Comments

Always more projects than time but I promised I would share the big one so here goes (and no it is far from done yet).   

I mentioned that I got a new trailer (or hinted at that).   While I was sad to let my little aluminum trusty trailer go, I'm sure it will find a good new home.   I did try to sell it outright before I got my new one but I'll be honest, all the interest was from out of state and honestly I HATE selling stuff to people.   Everyone wants to low ball the price (even when it said the price was firm) and wheel and deal.   ICK.   So it ended up as a trade and that is okay too.

So now I'll introduce you to the Zinger.....yes that is the name.   I'm very excited about the floor plan and about the additional space but you know how I am - nothing was perfectly right.  I actually started looking at toy haulers like I had before and could "build out" but these days those are all too wide and too high for my building.   I then looked at bunkhouses thinking I'd take out the bunks for the parrots.   I also wasn't too excited about anything that was 30' long.  That really cut a lot out!   I was in many with slides which made them so very roomy but the flip side is that I couldn't use them in my building as guest quarters and frankly - one more thing to go wrong.   So the layout I got was this....

The inside floor length is 21' which is only 2 feet longer than my old trailer, but the width is 8' instead of 6'.  amazing what a different that makes - not only in the feel inside but in what I see in my mirrors towing it.   It's gonna take some time to get used to that.   What I loved the most was the rear living area which means 3 lovely large windows in the rear, 1 in the back and 1 on each side.   Something people don't think about often but "generally" you back into your camping spots and often that is where the "view" is.   I don't need a window up front to sit and watch people driving by or looking at the back of my truck.  Boring.   I also wanted something with decent windows on the camp side (or the side of the door).   Most slides and most trailers have the living windows on the other side, well I don't need to be watching my neighbors campsite either.   I literally never opened the window  covering on that side of my other trailer.

Here she is behind my truck.   Zinger is considered  a stick and tin built (not aluminum framed) which I was a bit leery of at first but my first Wildwood trailer was as well and it was fine.   It also will keep it a bit warmer and cooler as aluminum absorbs heat and cold really nicely  thank you.  Realizing my current age and just how long I'll likely be camping and that I do now have a building for it, I  didn't need something built like a tank either.  Don't get me wrong I fell in love with one of the Ember trailers (overland built) but I wasn't about to shell out 60K+ for one either.

So here are the 2 photos I got of the inside before I, of course, started making adjustments.  The color scheme is what I'd call a grayish taupe.   

Things I knew going in (and another reason for not buying a $60K trailer (not even close) is that the window treatments in any rig were going to go away and be replaced.   Dinette would ALSO be removed and replaced with something practical.  This one I also knew would get some lighter color treatments to just make it "feel bigger".    I knew as well (requirement for any trailer) that there would be a place to put the parrot cages and  wanted enough room that I wouldn't be tripping over dogs constantly (one can hope).  I also really wanted a fixed bed (either a murphy that  could stay out or a regular bed).   In my other trailer as you know, the couch was also the bed was also the eating area.  Not ideal.

Now you all are thinking "why did she start tearing it apart right away".  Well there is a reason.  One is that Winter is coming and the other is that I have a big trip planned for the end of April and I know our seasons enough that I cannot be guaranteed that there will be warm enough weather in the Spring to get the things done I wanted done before that trip.   Since much of it would involve things like building and such in my garage, that was important.

First item of business was to plug up any holes in the inside of the trailer that could ever be a possible mouse entry.  Steel wool and mouse foam were employed.   When they build these things they make giant holes in walls and floors to run plumbing and such.  When I did my pre-delivery inspection I made the poor guy remove every freaking false panel and drawer to find where I would need to do some work.   It also allowed me to see where plumbing fixtures and the like were located.   

Second item was the easy one - window treatments.  Those box valances are just stupid and the blinds were pathetic.   So out they went.

Amazing how the place felt bigger just with that.   Now on to the "big stuff".  The dinette had to go.   I wanted a bench/couch there that would have storage under it.   Couple of hiccups - the water heater in the back corner and part of the wheel well in the front corner by the counter.   I knew that going in.  What I didn't know is these freaks put a number of screws into the dinette seats that were from the backside and outside IN.   That complicated removal significantly but you know me - I have tools and a flush cut saw and the dremel fixed THAT problem!   I was careful removing everything and now have some of the right color of panels to replace some of the false panels these people put up that were a totally different color and type.   Sheesh.   The best part was that when I measured I discovered that the seat backs and bottoms of the dinette would fit perfectly lengthwise on the bench I was going to build!   That never happens in my projects!   

I did some serious repurposing of aluminum tubing and the boards I had used for the bed in my previous trailer.  The water heater (which is in the back corner) drove the depth of the bench which was about 4" more than I wanted but oh well.  That is where the blue foam comes in - scoots the cushions out enough to work.

I have since the photo above found a fabric to use as skirting on the new bench and will be installing that with snaps so it can be removed when I need to live the tops to get to storage.   Things that will go in there will be items I don't need often.  Same goes for the space under the jack knife couch on the right.   That one will likely lose the bottom front piece so I can put baskets or the like under it - probably a next summer project.  It's comfortable enough I'll leave it for now but eventually will replace that too - with something that uses the space better.   I don't expect it will last long with dog wear and tear.  

I have also just found a fabric to use on the windows.   Bed Bath and Beyond was a last ditch stop and I found some linen look table cloths they had for 1/2 price.   I wanted a red for the windows but not overpowering.   Found that and a gray to put on the front of the bench to tie together.  The curtains in back are done and I'll be doing warm windows (repurposing what I had in my old trailer) on the side windows and the ones up front.

I also removed the panels from the fridge which were solid black and painted those white.  Again, lighten things up.

See the hole down below there, that was a full false panel where there was opportunity for storage.  I've found a box that fits in there and will work for dog toys or pee pads or something.

Then on to the kitchen.  The walls are all a tweedy looking white/gray paneling.  I wanted something in the kitchen with the dark cabinets and darker counter to lighten it up.    Sticky back fake tiles to the rescue.

I've got some touch ups to do but was thrilled with the result!

Just inside the door, even the day we looked at it, my brother was like "trash can space"!   Something again, RV builders  seem to forget people need.  Now in my other trailer, because I have dogs, the trash  went in a  bag hung on the bathroom wall where they couldn't get into.   Well I was shopping and found this cute little trash can with a lid and knew it would live here (ride in the bathroom probably tho).   But there was still about 12" beside the door under the counter.  I hadn't figured out where I would put dog leashes, collars, and well, other junk I'd like to get to without walking thru the RV.   Tada!

I've screwed the stand to the floor and will find something to keep the drawers in while driving but it is perfect!  Dog leashes, dog  bags, etc. and not in the way getting in and out of the door.

The bathroom kinda sucks but I honestly reminded my brother and myself of the # of minutes a day in the bathroom.   I do have plans to rip out the medicine cabinet (because that is 4" of elbow banger) and next year will replace the sink with just a 6" deep cabinet of some sort.  That gives more floor space...and the awful plastic toilet will also be replaced with porcelain (which I think will be good as the floor I feel needs some reinforcing there).     

Can't get much more tiny!

Now to the front.  The "walk around" queen bed was great but in all honestly I was planning to change it down to a full to have room for the parrots.   Well as I was sitting in there one day I was like - hmmmm I don't need a walk around bed and once I removed the weird "end" of the walk around bed I discovered the space left would allow for a full size bed but sleeping across the width of the trailer.  BINGO!   That gained me almost 3' of floor space.  I need that for parrot cages.  I also needed a good color for bedding up in that area because it was kind of a dark hole.   No white with dogs so I found this awesome red bed spread and I'm in love with it!   The brown contact paper stuff on the wall up front trying to look like shiplap - noooo noooooo.    Got the paint out and made it white.   HUGE difference.

I had a lovely little quilt wall hanging from my old trailer that I just didn't have a home for in here yet.  Then I looked at the little window by the door and was thrilled that it fit perfectly.   I think the window across the trailer (still bedroom) is going to get one of my quilt block window covers I had from my previous trailer window covers 1.0.

I still have a hundred other little things to do but a bit at a time.   Sewing window covers is high on the list and I have new led light strips coming for under the bed (it came with these weird blue led lights under there and under the counter).   Will see if I can get some warm white ones on a dimmer up there.  I need to get Iago's travel cage situation built out and in there as well.   Some of my white peg board repurposed will go in the bathroom and maybe the living area not sure yet.  Finding containers that will fit in the skinny cabinets also has to happen but that comes with figuring out what goes where.  I have a large front outside storage that also needs some love, want to buy new stairs as these are over 10" risers and my knees HATE THEM.   The dogs have been in it and love all the places to hang out.   

I'll  keep y'all updated as things happen, you know I will but now the weather is turning and I'm kinda getting into nesting in the house for a while.   So glad the weather stayed nice as long  as it did.   Even better the dinette table has found  a home.   OHHHH and I almost forgot - all the icky handles inside were replaced so I'll end on that!


Far Side(non-registered)
Fun to see your new trailer and all the improvements you have made! You could be a trailer designer!!
Love to see all your updates to the camper.
Love love love the new cupboard handles!
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