Week of June 19, 2022

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Another busy busy week but I want  to first and foremost thank those of you that are reading  and commenting on my posts.   I know you are out there even if I'm not making it to your blogs to respond in kind!

Was really nice to have a long weekend but as usual that meant we paid for it with 5 days of work squished into 4.   Top that off with 2 days of full time headphone use while watching vendor demos and I was exhausted.  Oh and that wasn't enough because on the morning of day 2 we were told we were going to be reorganized (our small group which honestly is like family) and split apart.   Stress for sure but honestly this company does this every time there is a change in leadership (which seems to be often) so am doing my best to just roll with it.   It isn't all bad for me but it is very sad how it is being handled but not any different than it is anywhere else in corporate America anymore.  Sadly.   But good news, we all still have jobs and just different bosses.   Onward we go!

On to more interesting things - like LIFE!

The work week started off coolish but the sun came out and it warmed up and the dogs and Iago are spending more time outside in the fresh air!  Good for them all and as I have breaks from work I get to go out and hang out on the patio with all of them.   I will tell you when they come in for dinner and fill their tummies they are all CRASHED for the evening.   I have been too unfortunately not just from fresh air.

Another development this week is that we have a new addition coming to our home next month thanks to my brother who will be doing transport.   This is Gizmo, a baby Solomon Island Eclectus who is coming here from N California (don't hold that against him). Thank you to Kent who is doing the extra mileage to go fetch him and bring him up here when he comes next month.  Thanks to Carol who has been raising this baby since he hatched March 2nd.   Handfeeding is no joke people but also she  has been teaching him about flying and wearing a harness and have some manners.   I have lusted after another one of these boys (and a few others) for many years since I had my rescue pair years ago.  This is Scarlett and Rhett that were rehomed with me "back in the day".


Scarlet and Rhett (eclectus)Scarlet and Rhett (eclectus) I've learned so much since then and haven't had a baby parrot since 1991 when I got my first macaw (not Iago).  It'll be exciting I am sure and I'm looking forward to having a bird that isn't clipped (we've learned a lot in the past few years) and while I won't be "free flying" him I do want him to be able to do what he as a bird is meant to do - fly.   That of course means upping my dog management game but I think it will be fine.  I have 2 that cannot be out if I'm moving parrots or have them out - either the dogs are locked up or the parrot is - just how it has to be.   No more management than we do today.

My gardens are doing great and will have to start watering here soon.   Here are some phone photos I popped out and took the other night.  No  macros as again, we seem to have a breeze all the time and the iris are so tall they move around.   I discovered a new iris that bloomed that Mom and I think we planted last year.  It is the most gorgeous soft purple and yellow compared to what I had already.


Tiger lilies are kicking in and oh my the lilacs out back smell marvelous and the beautiful swallow tail butterflies are really enjoying those.

I am really busy (surprise) now that the summer weather has decided to settle in and it is warm, windy and dry.   Watering, mowing and all those items are always in the process of being done.   I'm behind on my big mowing (up back) but hope that the long 4th weekend will remedy that. In the photo above 2 are "grazing" but one has lost his ball which rolled under the cage and he can't figure out how to get it back!   That's kinda the story of our life!


I always read your posts, but when you stopped blogging for awhile I finally stopped checking each day! Glad you're back!
Far Side(non-registered)
I hope you have a wonderful 4th weekend. That bird is a beauty! You are one busy gal! Sorry your work is ever changing...if it ain't broke why fix it? That yellow ruffled Iris is stunning!!
We have a big IT reorg happening at the end of this week. All I know is that my team is (probably) not going to be impacted this time. But the CIO is retiring next March, and at that time, all bets are off for what IT will look like. I told my boss that I will continue to do the same job, regardless of who is in charge. Stay positive - you know your job, and you will continue to do good work there. Exciting about getting the Eclectus - I don't remember Scarlett and Rhett.
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