July 19-31, 2022

July 31, 2022  •  2 Comments

Yup lost a week but I have good reasons.    I believe I left off my last post with the impending arrival of my brother and Gizmo.  Well they made it and the result was well a little chaos in our world here of course.   

I got my brother all set up in his trailer and settled in for a week of work and I got Gizmo started on settling into his n ew digs as well.    He was a bit stressed with all the changes and the travel so we had a week of getting to know him, getting him on our feeding menu and schedule (which wasn't exactly his cup of tea) and settling him into his new cage for daytime and new local for nighttime.   See I've started putting both parrots in the back room where I can make sure it is quiet and dark for a set amount of time each night.   Helps keep them happier and healthier too (or at least that is the hope).    

Because crazy happens, 4 days after his arrival we did have a wildfire evacuation scare.   No we didn't end up evacuating but we did go through prep!    There was a fire literally on the back side of the mountain I live on and they did evacuate from the top down the other side so we weren't taking any chances and hey, just got some of the prep done for our trip - a bit early.

The week flew by as we also prepared for our annual camping adventure up to Logan State Park for a week of paddling and recharging (no cell signals, no wifi - YAY).  

Kent  took his trailer and I took mine of course along with all the dogs and both the parrots   This was Iago's second trip and Gizmo's first.   I was trying out version 2.0 of the enclosure setup for Iago which did end up morphing about 3  times during the week.  Gizmo did great but both were really happy to see their big cages and home routine  when  we got home.  

The week was fabulous but furnace blast hot!   Thank God for the a/c in the trailers and cool nights (we had electric hookups  for that very reason).    The drive up was long and the traffic was nutso as it also was on the way home.   Gas prices are not keeping folks home based on our  experience.....cars and boats were out in full force!

We celebrated Kent's birthday on Wednesday and ya know, sitting in the a/c in the afternoons  just allowed for naps to charge us for our early morning paddles, some evenings spent at the boat launch letting Epic swim and a few games of cribbage.   The lakes were full and the biting bugs were out in force.   

We did take one hot afternoon and loaded up in the air  conditioned truck for a short explore around the area though.  The ONE thing I did forget was the MT Gazateer so we didn't explore off the beaten path as much as we normally do.  Still it was fun and we found a nice spot for a picnic.

Taking today (Sunday) and just chill-axing with the house a/c running (it is supposed to be 100 here again today and tomorrow) but blessedly it is cooling off enough to open windows at night - even though not  for long.   The gardens and the lawns are crispy so I'm watering like crazy now as the heat and the wind suck out every spare drop we had.   That said here are the last of our camping photos!


Far Side(non-registered)
What pretty scenery. So thankful that the fire was not huge and an evacuation for you. I see the dogs still love your brother! What a fun time for you to spend time with him. I think I am caught up reading now...summer stuff and you know how that goes:)
Nice vacay! Good luck with summer projects :-)
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