2023 - Already

January 10, 2023  •  1 Comment

While some days/weeks/months seem to crawl by I know they are all the same length and I always look forward to a new year with some aprehension of "good grief another long year" but when it is over I'm always a bit surprised.   So there's my poo poo for the post.

We are still in Winter of course and honestly probably the closest to a real winter we've had in many years.  We got snow the end of October and have not seen bare ground since.  That said I could do with less of the ice mess on the road but I live out of town and our road doesn't melt like pavement does.   The truck (4wd) has been used quite a bit as I just can't make the last 1/4 mile home without it.   The car made it out once (in 2 months) last week before we got the latest round of snow.   We've also had quite a bit of freezing fog and some fog the first week of January that didn't leave for a few days.   Regardless am always happy to see the SUN and happy to NOT see below zero (I hope that week before Christmas was it but I'm a bit crazy anyway).

One of my goals this year is to get back to my bigger cameras and less with the phone.   Part 1 - download what was on the "hiking camera" - my little Canon that I have not only with me for short trips but on the table at home for around the house shots.   Yup you guessed it I had photos from last August/September on it so I'll share those really quick.   It was a quick stop at Pelican Point with my brother on a trip home from Great Falls.  Scouting out the camping possibilities and just a break for the dogs.   Because the river was running SO fast and currents so strong, dogs stayed on leash and that made Epic absolutely nuts.    So we did the flexi-lead and threw rocks for him to wade and pick up.    He was happy.

Nice to see those warm photos while it is white outside!

Honestly the year has started with a lot of staying around the house.   It is so icy outside that it isn't worth the risk to me or dogs to go out even into the yard or down the driveway.  Outside consists of poop patrol once a week and not much else as I almost biffed it taking the trash down the hill as it tried to run me over on the ice!    

As I'm mega busy at work right now honestly I'm just trying to keep my wits about me and the stress levels down.   That means more TV time than I should so also tuned up the mountain dulcimer and picked up my lesson book and am working thru some of those first lessons.  I've discovered that involves muscles in my arms that are less than happy about the "work".   Oh well.

With the past 2 full moons my parrots have gotten a bit nuts.   Iago especially is being particularly difficult so I decided some relocation was in order and she now is in her cage in my office.  She's not that noisy and she is bothered less by the dogs in here as well.   Honestly, this is also her "horror-mone" season so that doesn't help.    Gizmo continues to grow and I've found the full moon makes him a screaming cranky mimi!  He has about 2 days where he spends quite a bit of time in "time out" either in the sleeping room or with the cage covered.

Since Iago's home moved it also opened up some room in the dining area and I got that put back in an "order" that I like including getting the music out in that area (out of my office).  I think I'll be more inclined to use it out there AWAY from my office, which by the end of the day I'm sick of.   We will see if that is what pans out.  I am though making an effort to get the mountain dulcimer out for at least a bit every day.

Honestly I think Sterling has the best idea!  He continues to get his monthly acupuncture treatments and with the few crashes he's had on the ice this month it is amazingly helpful.    

On my "keeping sane" venture I did get the last of my Spring trip reservations made which makes me incredibly happy.    That will be our maiden voyage in the trailer (hoping to at least get a driveway camp in before that to test all systems once it warms up).    I'm going to get to spend a couple nights/day camped near a good friend and her husband on the way out to meet my brother which makes me incredibly happy.   It also has gotten me thinking about the possibility of getting things set up so I can work from the road if need be.   There will likely be a point where I might need to travel and not have the vacation time to take.   Oh my gawd is that ever a rabbit hole but I think I may have an option located just need to dig into it more (means talking to cellular reps which is not a favorite past time).   We shall see.  It would also be beneficial for being able to monitor things at the trailer if I'm out walking a dog or the like (temps, what are the monsters up to etc.).   

Anywhere there is sun,  Oliver will be located!   haha     I'm really chomping at the bit to get some more of the trailer projects done so I think I may have to load up the space heater and go out this weekend (a long one for us) and try to knock some things out.    I'll try to remember to take the camera out as well and show some progress.....maybe.   Will see how warm it gets.  I went out to refill antifreeze in the toilets in mine and Kent's rigs last week (it evaporates) and discovered his was dry but what was in mine was frozen.  Makes me nervous about how the water lines will hold up.   Time will tell.

Not a whole lot to report honestly.  I'm trying to get out of my lazy mode to be honest!   It's hard as it is so convenient to just plop in a warm spot and veg out after work.   That isn't helping my mental health state at all (because I have one of those minds that then just spins work items around in my head - must have better distractions)!  Meanwhile I sit at my desk and enjoy the birds (check out the one photo bombing below and do you see the one in the tree?) and keep up with the chores.   



Looking forward to seeing you this spring as well!
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