Georgetown Lake Camping #1

October 10, 2023  •  2 Comments

I realized I have so freaking many photos from this camping trip (some phone and some not) that I'd probably better split this up a bit.  So here is the first post of our first time ever camping over at Georgetown Lake!    Kent and I enjoyed our short camp at Riverside that we wanted to squeeze in just one more camp before he leaves.   Of course Mother Nature was being a pain in the butt about it when Thursday came around and temps dropped over 30 degrees with highs in the 40s and lows in the 30s with rain and snow (GL is up at altitude) and this was in a "no services" campground.   

Check in wasn't till 3 and we only had a 2 hour drive so we him-hawed around that morning trying to decide if we wanted to just go somewhere closer to home.   By noon we had decided to just SUCK IT UP and go!   If it was too crappy or too cold we'd come home but there was a glimmer of hope on the horizon in that Saturday was supposed to be nice.   Friday was gray and cloudy and rainy but we'd see how it went.   MY main concern was taking the warm blooded feathered things with and being able to run the furnace long enough on battery during the night to keep them warm enough (and us frankly).    We loaded up with generators and all and away we went.    My first real test of the battery capabilities with the furnace!

I'm happy to report the trailer did well.  We had one small hiccup with the generator (it wasn't thrilled with the thin air) and the battery held to run the furnace all night (about 10 hours) once charged up.   It was able to keep the trailer at about 67 inside which is doable (yes Gizmo would prefer 72 but tough luck).   Jammies for some of the dogs and flannels for the Mom and we were fine.    Thank God for the generator though I'm just saying.  We're definitely going to go back hopefully next year and a bit earlier in the month!

Here was the view out my back window.....

Deer we saw on one of our trips out of the campground.

We took the gloomy Friday and loaded up to go to Philipsburg and poke around the downtown.  I knew I would be making a shopping stop at the Sweet Palace and indeed I did.   The flowers on the lights along the street were INCREDIBLE and we had a great time seeing what types of plants were doing well in all the containers and the color combos they had.

Here are some views of the lake on different days that we were there (when the sun finally appeared and when it didn't).   

The BEST thing that happened on that dreary Friday explore (okay the candy store was pretty amazing) was scouting out the picnic areas and campground along the lake.  As we drove in and around those areas, the last one we dropped down into was a boat launch.   As we drove down the road we heard this crazy chirping and decided it was either an eagle or an osprey.   Sure enough up in one of the trees HIGH above the others was a gigantic bald eagle nest with 2 bald eagle parents and over to the side in a snag, one of their youngsters.   Did I have my big camera with - NOPE!   All we had were the phones so you gotta trust us on that one.   They were sooooo beautiful.   So as we stopped on the road to check them out, Kent says - "Is that a moose?  Noooo, wait is it?"     It was moving in the trees (they are thick there) AND up ahead of it was a young one (a moose-let?  haha).  So we stopped, turned on the flashers (there wasn't a soul around) and we watched.  They both came out of the woods, crossed the road in front of the truck and proceeded to walk TOWARDS the truck to a tree not 20 feet from us. are phone photos and I'll link the two videos below as well.   It was 100% FANTASTIC!

Videos are HERE and HERE!  You can laugh as youtube closed captions  show um and music where Epic is growling!  LOL


Fantastic photos!
Moose! Pretty awesome that you saw them and had no traffic to deal with. Beautiful pictures (as always), with the dusting of snow on the mountains.
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