4 States, 2000+ Miles, 12 Days

July 03, 2021  •  3 Comments
The "big trip" is done and we are happily home here with pups and family. I took time off in June and traveled down to Phoenix to get my Mom and bring her back here for a few months visit. I haven't seen her in almost 3 years so was very happy we were able to arrange this trip to get her here safely. We also then met up with my brother on the drive...
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Camper Update, Road Trip, Projects

March 28, 2021  •  4 Comments
And here we are at the end of March already. Hard to believe but time does march on with or without us for sure. It is really trying to act like Spring here but oh my gosh it is SO DRY! If it gets as warm today as they say I may drag the hoses out and see about getting some water on my gardens at least and probably the trees. The crocus are doing...
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In Like a Lamb! Where Does the Time Go?

March 12, 2021  •  4 Comments
But boy I finally feel like we are headed into Spring - even though the temps aren't breaking 50 very often. Needless to say I'd rather be outside when it is warm enjoying the sunshine (yes even 45 is warm) rather than writing blogs on the computer - obviously! But I digress.... I have been energized by the sunshine and a few warm days. Even if no...
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Bring on Spring

February 28, 2021  •  2 Comments
Well we can hope so anyway. Based on today's weather (Sunday) with its windy and cold nastiness it is hard to tell but hey, they keep promising 50 the end of the week. I'm counting on it as I really want to get out in the trailer and start that project. There is still lots of this going on in my house. Teddy seems to have overcome his two nasty...
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Nutrition 6 Weeks In

February 26, 2021  •  1 Comment
Skip this if you really don't care about my nutrition journey - this is as much for me as all of you so might be kinda boring. I'll insert some non-topic photos just to make it pretty! LOL I haven't shared what counseling I'm getting and probably should. I signed up for a program with East West Healing (www.eastwesthealing.com). It is all remote...
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Will March In Like a Lion

February 23, 2021  •  3 Comments
Hard to believe it is the end of February but based on the weather it sure is true! Amazing how we skated by literally all winter and then BOOM in February we got all the winter weather and then some. I personally was happy to say good bye to the below zero stuff! Since then we've had snow, rain, 50 degrees (so my back yard now looks like a frozen...
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What a Week of Subzero Looks Like Here

February 14, 2021  •  4 Comments
I have to say that I am glad that they gave us full warning that the cold was coming and I am very glad I heeded the warning of it. I am thrilled to report it appears that the thermometer is finally headed in the upward direction this week and honestly, we "can" still get cold like this the rest of the month but there is a light at the end of Winte...
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Hunkered In

February 07, 2021  •  Leave a Comment
Yup, after months of mild weather, winter unleashed her fury this weekend (and apparently next week) with below zero temps, big wind and snow (the latter combination of course making lovely drifts to shovel through). Not complaining, we've had it too easy for too long and when we get cold this late in the season it "usually" is the last bout. So we...
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Looks Like a Post Every 2 Weeks...

January 24, 2021  •  4 Comments
So my hope of a post a week just isn't going to happen right now. Honestly because life isn't that exciting and because I am not that anxious to get on the laptop that often - sad but true. After being overrun with work and LOONG days on the computer doing it - I just have to force myself to get on and do personal stuff. So here we are. My favorit...
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Let's Catch Up

January 10, 2021  •  3 Comments
So sorry I missed posting last Sunday. I honestly just didn't have much exciting to report or show and I didn't want to be posting just for the sake of posting. I also had a couple of days where I was busy with friends. Needless to say we are still here! As is the case with many I am sure, work this past week was INSANE. Everyone (and there were a...
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