October 16, 2020  •  4 Comments
I am probably dating myself saying that. Anyone else remember that term or used it? On the topic of "sour" this past Spring I decided to try my hand at sourdough. Something I'd never done before. Off to the internet I went looking for recipes for starter. What a rabbit hole that was! Not only that but finding yeast or even flour during the hording...
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Chilly Chores

October 13, 2020  •  2 Comments
Those of you that live "north" understand the long list of "getting ready for winter" chores. Mine have been rolling along with the packing up of the patio furniture (still to be tarped) and gradually the moving of items on the front deck (swing, dog beds, rugs) but with the exception of the grill which I'm not ready or willing to give up at this p...
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Rough Week and Facebook is GONE

October 10, 2020  •  2 Comments
What a poopy week, even though the weather has been lovely and my wonderful brother has helped me knock off a number of projects, it still ended with a BOMB! So let's review the GOOD stuff. A friend of mine has moved and had fencing that she offered to me that is like what I have in my front yard. I decided that would look mucho better than the e...
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Fall Splendor

October 07, 2020  •  3 Comments
My last trip for the year with my brother was great fun (I am so going to miss him). We took off to do a bit more campground recon and just see some Fall colors. We got both done and were home in time to feed my hooligans (and he treated me to steak he BBQd for dinner as well). Win Win. This trip only included poodle 4 legs and Epic as you'll tell...
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Bye Bye September

October 04, 2020  •  1 Comment
Actually what a MONTH (or is that what a YEAR?). I can say I am not sad to see September gone. With the exception of vacation, work has been horrid, stuff at home has sucked and I am starting now to feel the pressure to get things buttoned up for winter. My tree out front is really dropping leaves and while it is warm I'm trying to get trees watere...
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Canyon Ferry Road Trip

October 04, 2020  •  2 Comments
About a week ago my brother (who is here visiting) and I decided to go see what kind of camping opportunities there might be closer to my house. We decided to do the big loop around Canyon Ferry Reservoir and we actually were pleasantly surprised. Took lots of notes on sites that would work for us and a few photos and also just enjoyed the drive. T...
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Camping Surprise!

September 30, 2020  •  2 Comments
Now I have to tell you a tale of 2 years ago...when my brother and I hauled trailers up to the NW corner of the state. We camped in the same campground we did this year and were lucky enough to get some great star photos while there. One of the things I said to him while there is how this area of the state was known to have the elusive Pileated Woo...
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Camping Stop #2

September 27, 2020  •  1 Comment
We agreed we didn't want to do the 6 hour slog back home all in one day so decided to "try out" another state park along the way. Made reservations and took a shot. Well it was "okay" but I think we decided if we stay again, we go for the "higher up the hill" spot reservations not where we were. It was super tight and not one site in the entire cam...
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More Camping Exploration

September 26, 2020  •  2 Comments
See that is the beauty of staying in one spot for a bit (and this is our second time up here). There are almost always new places to explore (knowing WE like to do a lot of off the beaten path/backroad stuff). The day before leaving our week long camp we took off the "other direction" to poke around some lakes we saw on the map (the Gazateer/landsc...
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Exploring NW Montana

September 25, 2020  •  2 Comments
Our camping mojo is that after we arrive we ALWAYS take the following day to just sit around camp and do things near the campground. Which we did! Once rested up though we decided to find a drive to take and explore (so much to see so little time). We decided to go scope out the Lake Koocanusa area and drive up to Eureka (not far from Canada). We f...
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