Here are some of the cool things I have found and use for cooking and in the kitchen for storage.  Links to purchase these are part of the title for each section (with a few links embedded in text).

Sink Cover

Counter space is at a premium (can you tell?) so I found a "just the right size" plastic cutting board that rides on the sink and gives more counter space and keeps the dirty dishes hidden (bonus).  I am so very happy that they put a real marine style stove with cover in this trailer!  Now mind you my cubby behind the sink does not look like this anymore!  LOL

I also HATED the faucet and handles on this sink.  The faucet barely reached far enough over the sink and often ran on to the counter if it wasn't positioned just right.  The stupid handles every time they were bumped turned on (and that was constant every time I tried to get something from behind the sink out).  The faucet also didn't allow for easy access to the stuff behind it.  So off to Ace Hardware and a "regular" faucet and handles!  What a dream and cheap too! 

Shout out to all you RV builders - especially in small kitchen areas like this - a marine sink/stove combo with one flat cover (they use them a LOT in European RVs) is really the ticket here!  Like this baby.  That said the stove I got was definitely better than the open burner ones most RVs have!  My only complaint about it is its position.  Having one burner behind the other is difficult if you need to reach over the front one to get to a pot on the back one.

Morning Coffee

I have tried a number of items for morning coffee.  One was the JavaDrip collapsible coffee filter (you use a paper filter in it and let it drip into your cup).  That worked for 3 seasons, then I went to a french press then to an Aero Press.  While all worked, they were messy and I need ONE cup of coffee and I'm done.   I'm now a fan of just getting the Folgers Singles (work like tea bags).  Less mess and works perfect.   Even use them at home now.

Collapsible Tea Kettle

I LOVE this kettle!   With the propane stove you can heat water super fast and yes you have to watch the water but who cares!   Again, folds down pretty flat and tucks away.  Highly recommend and I use it every day I am in the trailer!  Honestly this is probably my most used cooking item!



After trying many travel spice tins (magnetic ones really never stayed in place  anyway, I now have one grinder that has both salt and pepper in it and I fill some little tiny screw top bead containers with the spices I might want.  I honestly don't go camping to cook so I can usually get by pretty easily with just those.


First set was a set of aluminum backpacking  pots.  While they didn't take much space, they weren't really big enough for what I wanted (which often includes popcorn).

Next was a set of Magma nested pots.   While these work great, I have to admit I don't use all of them enough to justify the space so I'm going to do some more replacing of these and use them in the house instead which has worked perfectly!


In my years of travel I have figured out pretty much what I need and how to make them work for me.  I now carry a large cast iron pan (with lid that also doubles as a flat grill), a tiny cast iron skillet (personal egg size) and on 2 qt pot for everything else (including popcorn).  I also now have an Omnia oven which has replaced the toaster oven I couldn't use off grid anyway.

Nesting Bowls

One of the very first things I ordered when I got my trailer.  Perfect and with a few nested measuring spoons and cups are perfect!  On a side note they don't stay nested this pretty when tossed into the cabinet but they don't spew all over either.  They are not silicon bowls as I wanted hard sides that wouldn't collapse if I was mixing something stiff.   I do however have the soft collapsible measuring cups.

Silicon Lids

Don't want to have to secure down pot lids or also carry lids for food storage containers.  These will fit the bill!  Although I use mine in my house all the time I'm don't use them the trailer except occasionally.    I do however use the extra large one on my cast iron skillet in my house all the time.

Knife Safe

Adore this item as I hate being stuck by sharp knives that area standing up or breaking off points.   This is slim and fit perfect on the inside of my cupboard door for easy access.   Of course it is hung up there with Command Strips!


Baby Crockpot

I will admit I love that I have the option of a little crockpot but have only used it once.  It'll stay in the trailer though as I think there are times it will come in handy especially for longer vacations.

Egg Beater/Mixer

Sometimes a girl may want to bake you know (even if it is in a toaster oven)!   Or maybe just mix things better than with a spoon so I do have a manual crank mixer  in my utensil stash!   Works really nicely too and takes no power!


Cupboard Storage Situations

I have also redone the containers in my upper cupboard and replaced them with taller and better divided baskets found on clearance at Hobby Lobby.  The two of them fit perfect up in the cupboard and the other boxes have been reused in the house.

I do also still use and love my homemade "drawers" in the bottom cupboards.  They are a back saver to be sure!