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Oxygenics Shower Head

Recommended by virtually every RVer I know I'm really liking mine.   Apparently the designer/builder of my trailer thought it was super cool to put all residential shower fixtures in.  While pretty - that left no shut off on the shower head which all RVers know you need.     A reminder that this doesn't fully shut off the water but the little extra stream if you are showering fast like you should is nice if you get soap in your eye!  :)   Truly it is designed to not shut off fully so you don't get a blast of hot or cold water when you turn it back on.   I am still figuring out if I need to replace the hose of my shower with the one provided with the Oxygenics to get the best pressure.

Travel Bottles

Some or rather, MOST things you just don't need full sizes of.   Be honest!   My camping seasons right now are maybe 4 months long and I don't need a 12 month size of anything (besides if left in the trailer it will freeze)!   Not being able to find the size and type of bottles I wanted at the big box store I ordered a set of these.   A permanent marker to identify it and I'm good to go.    Besides, who doesn't like those colors!

Ikea Travel Size Bottles 8 Pack, 4 colors, for cosmetic products

Kleenex Box

Another of those items I just didn't want to take up cupboard space to have so since I have high up space on the side of the cupboard in the bathroom, I took my trusty Command Strips and put it up there.   Enough room to the ceiling to get tissues out and the bottom is free for the refills and it is out of the way!   



This too is now gone, honestly I don't use tissues that often that a little toilet paper won't work for it.   



TP Holder
Don't ask me why but the trailer did not have a toilet paper holder.   I knew I wanted something upright and instead of one MADE to do that I used a prettier paper towel holder.  Works pretty darned slick I must say and fits in the little teeny area I have there just fine.   A little museum putty on the bottom and it has yet to bounce loose! 
Note:  This has since been replaced by a wall mount tp holder, floor space is at a premium in this bathroom!

Now my trailer came equipped with one of these but I am going to share because I know many RVs do not.   This is a LIFESAVER for tight showers.  If you've stayed in motels and used the showers that have those big sweeping shower rods, this is much like that.  I know my brother now has one in his trailer and loves it.   That little extra elbow room is super nice and then it all collapses back into the shower out of the way, giving more elbow room in the bathroom itself.  Highly recommended.
I have found that most cabinets just don't work all that well without some sort of containment system for the items put in them.  Especially bathroom cabinets with lots of little first aid type things.   After trying just baskets I found that I needed better organization for all the little items so went to drawers.   The clear bottoms usually allow me to see what I need to get or I can just pull the drawer completely out.  This size allowed me to also still put some larger items on the sides of it and if you've read most of my RV pages you see on the one side where I utilized one of the narrow plastic boxes.  Again, the ability to slide things in and out and not have to stand on a stool (the toilet is NOT an option) to see in the cabinet is a bonus.